Sunday, May 01, 2011

28 Months

Koen is getting so old! I wish he could stay at this age. I feel like we are all moved out of the baby stage and I don't know what to hold on to. I mean, he still wears diapers at night but other than that...what's left? Sippy cups? I love the way he talks, it is so incredibly adorable. He copies pretty much everything Kai says which makes me smile.
{You can see the rash by his mouth, I'm pretty sure he's allergic to strawberries.}

About once a week, he ends up in our bed at about 4am. I think he is having bad dreams and he settles down immediately in our bed and falls asleep. Never thought I would let my kids sleep with me but if it gives us a few more hours sleep, I'm in! Talking about sleep, when I see him lying there in bed, all I can think is that he is so big. How did that happen so quickly?

{Koen will often say, `I lub Bubi so much'. Kai is slowly outgrowing his blankie so as long as we don't lose Blue (Koen's Bubi) in the next 2 years, we should be good:)}

Koen just seems so mischievous. I love it. I can't look at him and not smile. He is pretty much out of the stage where he tears our house apart or does anything too naughty.

I do love the freedom we have with him not napping. The only thing we are scheduled to is that the boys need to eat dinner by 5:30pm and be in bed by 8pm. Other than that, we're pretty flexible and it's nice!

Although the boys love their Daddy Bear and spending time with him, both are still momma's boys and I love it. A lot. Koen could play trucks and cars all day long. And he does. All. Day. Long. Where Kai would love to play outside, Koen would rather stay in the house and play with all his cars. Unless we put the bubble machine on outside, Koen loves that. Oh ya, Koen also LOVES going for family walks and can walk long distances no problem. Just a bit slower:)

I love this kid so much. He brings me so much happiness and joy. So thankful for my Kokies.


  1. I TOTALLY see you (louise) in the first picture of your little guy! I've always seen gary in the boys, but I totally see you in his smile & eyes!

  2. They do grow up fast for sure. Kenzie and koen have very similar issues with skin/allergies:o(
    Girls love to play with koen. I love when he tries to play shy with me and gets his grin :o)

  3. It is a great age! I feel like time is going much too quickly. Very sweet pictures.