Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fresh Air

Yesterday I was pretty sick. Like, lay on the couch and just tell Kai to get his own food and whatever Koen wanted too. We survived. At one point in the morning I felt so terrible I started crying. Kai looked at me and said, `Mommy, are you crying?', I said `Yes' and wondered what sort of sweet thing he would do for me. He threw a pillow at me. I think he has Gary's style of dealing with emotional events.

We made it. I had to run one errand and while doing that, the two kids fell asleep in the van. That's how tired they were too. So, I left them in the van while I quickly ran in. I also went to Booster Juice and got a warrior juice thingy. All I can eat are smoothie type things and it has immunoboosters so that sounds good to me. So yummy, too. Please don't tell me it's all sugar. I made my own smoothie today with of oil of oregano, yikes, that stuff doesn't go down so well.
Today, I woke up feeling a little more alive. We got into the van and got our free Subway breakfast. Then, we went to the beach. It was so easy. I just sat on a log and they got all sandy and muddy and we left an hour later. Perfect. Then I didn't feel like such a lousy mom. It's been a tough couple of weeks. I have such a hard time just `existing' through each day when we are sick. I feel like it's such a waste of a day because I want each day to have something fun and adventurous in it. Not trying to sound dramatic but I always feel like I probably have about 20 years left because my mom died at 53. I want each day to count. By the way, I'm no crazy thinking this way. My dad just wanted to make it to 51 because that's when his dad died. Yup, I've got great genes.
The boys are on their way to be healthy. They just have these lingering coughs. I put Koen back into underwear today. Yikes, back to square one with him. There was no way he could've worn them while he was sick as he was passing out all over the place and so out of it. Now he just has to remember what to do...hopefully it doesn't take a whole month again!
I love that we live just 20 minutes away from the beach and it totally makes me look forward to this summer.
I'm really hoping Gary doesn't get sick because right now I need him to do a lot. Make dinner, put the kids to bed etc. Poor guy.

I'm just so happy to see my boys returning to normal. I'm trying to figure out how to boost their immune systems because they get sick so often. Koen was laughing today which made me so happy...he had a rough go of it. He always does. He is also non stop `A says ah, B says buh, C says kuh, Y says yuh etc.' and he knows all his letters too. Smartie pants. Fridge magnets I tell you.

Have a great night and enjoy the game tomorrow! I'm excited:)
Love, Louise

**I taught Kai at dinner tonight that when someone is crying, you can give them a hug or ask if there is anything you can do for them. Now, every time I cough, he comes running and asking what he can do for me. Kinda cute:)**


  1. oil of oregano can ruin pretty much anything. i don't care how good it may be for you, i will never take it again. i've also banned my hubby from taking it (he used to take the oil straight, before coming to bed. yeah. super turn on!)
    glad the boys are feeling better - i hope you improve quickly too. jealous you are so close to the beach. i'm looking forward to some more day trips once T is out of preschool again and E is fine to miss his naps now. a summer of adventures, i hope! :)

  2. I take oil of oregano separately (straight out of the bottle). If you put it in a drink it ruins the entire drink!!
    Glad you're feeling better :)
    oh and GO CANUCKS GO!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh I'm happy to hear the boys are on the mend. Sorry you were sick. What beach do you go to that's only 20 mins away? That's fantastic! Hope you get some much deserved rest soon.

  4. Jen-White Rock is just 20 minutes away, it's perfect! Crescent Beach isn't much further. We love it!

  5. Your comment about how Kai handles emotional things made me laugh!:) I hope you are continuing to heal up and that you feel better soon. What a rough go you have had.