Friday, May 27, 2011

Complainer Pants

I just need to say that Gary has been gone all week. He's hiking the Cape Scott Trail with his class (so awesome!). He'll be home at 11pm tonight. I am done. I can take care of the kids on my own, no problem. IF THEY ARE HEALTHY. Yikes. Normally there are our routines which include hanging out with my sister and her kids, going to preschool, going swimming, going to the park etc. When the kids have to be home because they are contagious (pink eye...Koen is still contagious with the green goop even though using an antibiotic ointment for the past 5 days) and sick and tired (croupy coughs/fevers), the days take forever.

Also, more importantly, they are not themselves. If they just sat on the couch and recovered, that would be one thing.
{Koen not wanting to be far from me. He has never fallen asleep like this before. I paid for this nap with him being up until 9:30pm.}

This is Koen all day long:
`I NEED SUMFING TO DWINK. I NEED SUMFING TO DWINK!'. I give him various options and fill up two sippy cups; one with milk and one with water. He takes them both and throws them away saying `I WANT NUFFING TO DWINK. I WANT NUFFING TO DWINK!' Over and over. He hasn't eaten in days so I know he needs to drink which I why I cater to this.

If I'm out of his sight `MOMMY! WHERE ARE YOU? I NEED YOU! MOMMY! CUDDLE ME!' which means I can get nothing done. And, he has coughed in my face about 723 times this week. I'm holding him right now while he finds various letters on the keyboard and coughs all over it.
{Koen is also back in diapers for this week. Please tell me he'll be back to being potty trained once he's better. He hasn't even complained about wearing a diaper which means he is out of it.}

And then, the nights. I had Kai in my bed several nights and also up several times for being sick. Koen has been up every 2-3 hours for the past 4 nights, crying and needing me. Did I mention they have been getting up at 5am for the day?
{Koen actually ate some ice cream. I thought it would cool him down and he actually ate it.}

Fortunately Kai is almost all good. Koen, on the other hand, is a couple of days behind him. When that kid gets sick, he gets sick. For my anniversary tomorrow, I just want to sleep in. I don't care how tired Gary is from his hike, he can get up at 5am.



  1. Oh dear! I hope today is a better day at your house.

  2. Oh Louise! That is HARD!!!! I am so sorry your week has been like this. so glad you are able to have Gary home tonight to help!!!

  3. You know Gary will :)
    Enjoy your day tomorrow! I am sure it will involve you getting out of the house for a looooong deserved break.

  4. you must be exhausted. I'm tired just from reading your post :(
    Here's hoping you get to sleep in tomorrow!

  5. You are a SUPER mom! I don`t think I could be on my own for that long with healthy boys nevermind with sick ones! Wowzers! I think the picture of Koen seemingly quite upset might sum it up :(

  6. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Wow, you are an amazing mom!

    -Science student

  7. Yuck - my kids are also programmed to get sick when Daddy is away. It's astonishing how often it happens. I too am tired from reading your post, here's to Gary's return and hopefully some child-free time for you!!!

  8. Sigh.

    I am so with you on the I-can't-parent-a-sick-kid-alone thing. It sucks sooo much.

  9. Sounds so rough, L! I'm sorry!! Very tough days indeed, especially with Gary gone. You must be exhausted. Praying they get better soon!