Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lips All Gone

Me: Koen, can I have a kiss?
Koen (covering his mouth): No! Lips all gone!

Kai (right as the hockey game was starting): Mommy, you go grab a beer and I'll grab the white towels, and I'll meet you at the couch!
If the definition of being potty trained is staying dry and clean in your undies all day BUT having to be taken to the toilet every 1.5 hour, then Koen is toilet trained. He will never, ever go on his own. So, this is the next step. I'm still proud of him and I feel quite confident in his ability to stay dry during the day. He even wore undies to church:) The other thing Koen has been doing is locking Kai and I out of the house. This has happened at least 4 times and he has no idea how to unlock it (either that or he's good at acting like he doesn't know what to do). I always have to let the sitters know NOT to leave Koen in the house alone or even a minute! Time to initiate some serious consequences.

It's so funny seeing Koen go through the same stages Kai went through. I had forgotten some of it but it's all coming back. First the `Two white vans. Red car. Black truck. Where truck going?' blah blah blah about every vehicle we see. Now, it's not only that but letters too. `There's `S'. What S say?' `Mommy! There's `W'! What W say?'. Cute but a little exhausting:) (**By `What does it say, he means the sound it makes. A says ah etc. which Kai has learned and is trying to teach Koen.**)

Kai has a pre-kindergarten day coming up where he will meet his teachers and classmates, he is so excited! Kai is now 47lbs and quite the solid boy. He loves playing with the neighbour boys who are just a year older than him. We seriously love our neighbourhood so much, and if we moved, we would just find a house with a bigger kitchen and yard, in this same area. We are looking forward to biking without training wheels as soon as the sun comes out. Kai is pretty even keeled and the only time he cries is when he's overtired and is sent to time out for hurting Koen or not listening. Dudes, the two can fight now. Always over a toy that they forget about 10 seconds after it's dealt with.
Life is busy as Gary is working full time, plus two weddings a month, and basketball two early mornings a week. I feel busy as I'm working about 4 hours a day, 7 days a week while being at home with the kids full time. Basically I can only work during their one hour tv time in the afternoon and then when they are in bed. It just makes for a long day. I love what I do, but, I am sooo looking forward to three weeks off in the summer!

Gary and I had our last marriage workshop yesterday. It was good. I'm sad that we won't have that 1.5 hours a week set aside to work on our marriage. I've definitely decided to book a babysitter once a month to go on a fun date. I have the best time with Gary when we are out being active so that is the plan! I mean, we're active as a family, but to actually focus on each other is so important. Looking forward to our first date and I think I'll make it a surprise:)

Thanks to all those that have commented or sent me emails. Love the love! Sorry if you can't get your comments on my blog, I have no idea why it doesn't work.

Have a great week in this absolutely ridiculous rain.
Love, Louise


  1. love both boys' sayings at the top of this post :)
    i can't believe Koen locks you out! AHHH! I do like having a taller lock that E can't reach yet, though maybe we should have a spare key hidden outside... :)
    happy date-planning!

  2. Time to invest in a number lock where you just have to key in the number code to get back in! How scary to get locked out of your house. I hope you have a key hidden somewhere...