Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nine Months

(I only have a few minutes as the boys have been super needy all day...I just took them for a car ride to put them to sleep:) Yes, at 4pm, risky. They are just so sick and tired and Koen has refused to let go of me all day.)

It has been 9 months since we have been active on the adoption list. I've never gone 9 months waiting as both the boys were early! I actually have in my head that `full term' will be more like a year so then I will really start to feel antsy.

We just got a letter from our adoption agency about needing to update our home study since we are approaching a year since it was done. My, how time flies! There aren't really any changes to add except that I am now healthy and our basement is finished:)

I go through spurts where I feel super impatient and think that we should go international or redo our birth parent letters (I think mine is too long and there were a few mistakes in it that I would love to fix.....trying to be cool about it and just leave it be), just trying to do something different to try to make it go faster, but that passes after a few days and then I feel calm again. We still may go through Florida but after talking to the agency, I don't feel like the time is right for that right now. I think I start to feel more impatient when I see all of our baby stuff in storage and everyone starts making the next season of pregnancy announcements.

In regards to pregnancy announcements etc, I feel so much for moms that have lost a baby or child. My heart hurts for them so much. Being involved with NILMDTS has made me much more aware of it and how common infant loss is. Although I know it might be easier to just not be a part of it, the reality is that there is a need and it's something that can be done to help someone.

Not sure how to end this but I will say that I sure am thankful for my kids, with their goopy eyes, congested coughs and all.


  1. It must be hard to be expecting but not know the timeline! thankful that God gives you patience in the midst of waiting! Have you already done a session for NILMDTS? I know you can't talk about it, just wondering if you've done one yet.

  2. Kelly-I have assisted a session...life changing.