Friday, May 13, 2011

Picnic at the Park

This is what our house looks like every single day. The same three small bins dumped out and played with all day long; cars and Duplo. Koen cries every time we all clean it up at the end of the day.
Koen plays with his cars and Bob the Builder Duplo for hours. On his own. It's pretty incredible to me.
Kai takes his special toys to the kitchen table, out of Koen's reach.
When Kai catches himself in the mirror, he often starts dancing. He does this a lot during dinner time. He may have gotten this from me:)
Today the weather was amazing. This evening, we biked to Taco Del Mar (using coupons to get food for all of us for $10!) and then went and had a picnic at the park. So fun, we all loved it. I tried a `tag-along' bike for Kai that attached to my bike, but he's too small for it. We do have a bike trailer for the boys but I didn't want them sharing for longer trips because then we would hear a whole lot of fighting. Besides, then Gary has to pull 80lbs behind him too! I think that is our best plan though, unless we want to go at Kai's speed which is incredibly painful uphill.

I love the ages that the boys are at. So fun and easy to just get out and explore with them. I have a feeling the boys will need a shower every single day this summer. That's a great thing.

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  1. The bike ride picnic sounds wonderful. I have a feeling you are going to have a lot of great adventures this summer! I can't wait to hear about them all.

  2. Did you go to that festival thing? It looked like all the parking lots where full of tents... balloons everywhere. I'm assuming Clayton Heights community days or something?

  3. Maria-oh ya we did!! Pre Rodeo Party On The Hill! Kai won a free haircut for Gary, and we got free food from Cobs Bread, Starbucks, Subway, and Tim Hortons. It was awesome!