Sunday, May 22, 2011

Return of the Pink Eye

Kai's fever finally broke (**edited: nope, it's not gone. Both kids now have fevers. Awesome!). Nothing like trying to figure out how to force your 4 year old to take some ibuprofin when he detests medicine. I asked nicely, I was the tough guy, I explained how it works, I came up with different solutions (like one sip of chocolate milk, one sip of medicine etc), and I called in reinforcements (Gary). What worked in the end? Some serious bribery. What else could I do when his fever was over 103F for almost 12 hours? He now gets to pick whatever he wants at Toys R Us. By `whatever he wants', I'm thinking something for $5:)

We now have two sick boys with pink eye too! Awesome. Kai's is just red, Koen's is goopy green and he looks terrible. It's disgusting. Looks like pure green mucus coming out of his eye. GROSS. Both are grumpier than ever. What sick kids don't sleep? Mine. Up at 5am. Seriously kiddos, you need your sleep!!! Koen is such a handful right now and they fight like crazy. I'm exhausted. Seriously. Last night I slept with Kai and Gary slept with Koen. Not a whole lotta work getting done right now.

Any fun plans are now on hold as we hide in our house. Kai missed an awesome birthday party and the rest of the family is missing a barbecue today (I'm going to escape for a few hours!). Getting eye drops tomorrow which should be oh so awesome trying to get them in their eyes.

Is there anyone out there that has a kid in preschool who does not get sick every month? I'm so sick and tired of my kids getting sick! They always seem to get something a whole lot more `fun' than a cold and I'm tired of it. Okay, I'm done.

H0pe your household is a whole lot more fun than ours this weekend!!!


  1. I'm sorry. Things sound horribly crummy right now. I hope your next week gets better in a hurry!!!

  2. I hear you on the sick kids... literally, we were finally healthy here for one whole week! I hope they feel better soon.

  3. Medicine: my kids won't take the liquid stuff but always accept the chewable kind...they are like candy to them. Have you tried them with your boys?

  4. Marsalie-I had no idea there were chewable ones!!! I'm so excited to go to the store tomorrow to get some, thank you!!

  5. awwww :( sorry to hear of all the sickies - hope it clears up soon!