Thursday, May 05, 2011

Kai's Advice

Kai loves to parent Koen. The other day I went to get their passport photos done and this is Kai's advice to Koen:

Kai: `Koen, no pooping when you are getting your passport photo.'

It would make for a funny photo! I guess because I'm always reminding Koen to use the bathroom these days, Kai feels he needs to remind Koen too.

And, along with the passport photos, I have booked camping on the Oregon coast, bought a bathing suit (found a Roots tankini that does the trick!), bought a bike rack (for 4 bikes that fits into our trailer hitch AND reclines so you can open the trunk!), and a bike seat for Koen. I am ready!!! Now, we just need it to be the summer and actually have some sun.


  1. I think Kai gave Koen some very good advise!

  2. I remember parenting my little brother at that age, too. It lasted until one day he looked at me and said, "You're not my mommy!" and never listened to me again.

  3. Thinking of you today, Wheezer...
    xoxo, I know Mother's Day is tough for you. I bet your mom is very proud of you! You're an awesome mother and I know you would love more than anything for her to know you as a mommy. I don't know how heaven works, but I sure hope she gets to peek in on you every know and again...