Thursday, January 07, 2010

New Years Resolutions

Okay, so I'm not big into resolutions but it doesn't hurt. I think the best resolution I ever made in my whole life was to quit smoking. I was never a big smoker, but I was a social one and in university I was very social so that know. It was probably the hardest thing I've ever done and I can appreciate why people have a hard time quitting. Thank goodness it is unhealthy, smelly and expensive or I would start all over again.
(Mel, my kids love this book! Kai can `read' it and I say the `Oops!' part and he giggles like crazy.)

So, resolutions for this year are:
1. Tell Gary I love him each and every single day. I know, I should've been doing this all along right? I haven't. A while back, I felt a lot of frustration with him. I think a lot of it was due to my hormones being so out of sorts. However, I'm feeling a little more under control lately and I'm really trying to make sure that Gary feels appreciated. Not to say he can't be annoying, because he knows he can be (who isn't?), I'm just trying to be less annoyed by him:)
(Pretend my kids are not looking at a tv)
2. Try to discipline a bit differently..taken from `Honey, I Wrecked the Kids'. Use one word when trying to remind them of something (ex. instead of saying, `Kai, please go wash your hands', I just say `hands'..) and try to use more humour to reduce my frustration and anger (ex. Kai holding onto my legs because he doesn't want to go for a walk, just say, `Oh man, good thing I'm the strongest mommy in the world!' and then tickle him). Overall, because I need to keep my stress levels down, I'm trying to relax with them a lot more. So far, not bad!
(I love his new pj's from Costco...please note they are brown. Everything new will now be brown:)
3. Run 5km. This is nothing to the old Louise but it is big for the new Louise. If you haven't read my thyroid blog recently, I saw the endo and she really thinks that it is Graves' because I've returned to hyperthyroidism and that means it's not PPT. I'm back on 1/3 of my meds (thank goodness I didn't throw them out). I will be taking beta blockers before exercising and see if it works. Running is so important to my mental and physical health and I need it back. In the past, I have probably run over twenty 10km races and 3 half marathons. I don't need to do a 10km again, but a 5km would be nice.
(Mommy, I'm whining and I need you to pick me up!)
(Kai's feet....about a size 10 now)
(I've been learning a lot about combines and seed drills and so forth because this guy loves tractors)
(Ani's bling)
I met with a couple tonight. They are expecting their first child next week and I will be photographing the first hour of the little ones life. I really hope that it works out and that I'm able to find child care for my kids when the time comes and that I don't miss the big event.

Talking about babies, there are sure a lot of people that are pregnant these days! It makes me feel like I need to get pregnant or something. Also, I'm making my 2009 book which is making me go through all of the stages of having a newborn-toddler. When I was doing the January and February pages, I was thinking, `Oh my goodness, we can never have another baby again!' and then I got to March and I saw the snuggling pictures and I thought, `Oh man, I need to do it again!'. I mean, it's likely that we would not have another biological child, but I love our kids so much and a snuggly little baby just does something to you, ya know? I did ask endocrinologist what would happen if I did get pregnant and she made it sound like because my Graves' is controlled right now, the baby would be monitored and likely be okay. The only thing is that the antibodies causing hyperthyroidism would cross the placenta and the baby could have hyperthyroidism while growing. Could I do that to my baby?

Oh ya, didn't want to forget a yummy pesto I made this week. Not as good as a basil one but I had frozen spinach in my freezer so it was perfect! Added some sun dried tomatoes and chicken and it was really good!

Finally, remind me never to dye my own hair again. I think yellow hair is in, don't you? Even Gary, who really couldn't care less about my hair, said, `You should just wear a hat':)

Bon nuit.


  1. I want to see a photo of you with your yellow hair!!

  2. I agree time for a hair photo! :)

  3. I'm torn on the one word thing. I want to model politeness and good grammar to them. But lately I feel like I'm talking to the air. One word would probably be more effective.

    So exciting about your newborn photo shoot!

    I want to see the yellow hair too. I swore off colouring as well... too expensive and too much work to maintain. Also after being highlighted to the max I'm pretty happy with the colour God chose for me. (We'll see how I feel about that once more grey comes in).

  4. Ezra is wearing that exact costco sleeper right now :)
    i'd like to see a pic of the hair too!

  5. I really did not notice hair too much yesterday, but apparently because it was pulled back....hmmm....let's see a hair down pic. I love brown on Koen too. Nice pic of ani once again! She loves to show off her bling:o)

  6. Okay:
    Smoking--I still have cravings for it, and I was never hooked. This past month or so has been really bad for some reason!! Every time I smell one, I want it. Weird.

    The book--I'm SO GLAD your kids both love that Sandra Boynton book! SO CUTE! Books are awesome.

    Thyroid news--sorry it's graves. :((( It seemed like you were unwilling to believe it was PPT, part of you knew it was more permanent maybe? But it does seem to be settling down a bit, y'think? I just hope you can find a med balance where you feel good. I'm sure it's out there! Go back to the acupuncturist maybe? Maybe in conjunction with the meds a good balance can be found.

    Yellow hair--GARY IS SO FUNNY! And hair grows. :)))

    Ani--can you get much cuter? What's up with those BOOTS? I want a pair! And a girl.

    And the one word discipline thing:
    This reduced word technique SAVED MY SANITY parenting Matthew. (Is saved my sanity a funny thing for a crazy person to say?? lol). It may very well have saved HIS LIFE :DDD
    I really think too many words=blahblahblahblahblah.
    Some boys use very few words in a day [see: Barry MacDonald re boys] and those boys deserve a parent who responds to their physical makeup by using fewer words in a day, so they don't get overwhelmed. I've also learned, with Matthew, not to explain things until he ASKS me to. If he asks me for or about something, I answer with one, two, or three words. Then I wait. If he wants more info, he asks, and I give him one sentence. Then pause. Then add more if he still appears to be listening and/or interested. Otherwise, I'm talking, and his mind is on Mars. It's so obvious. Especially when he interrupts me to say something related to a completely different topic!!
    I've learned a ton by parenting him, I gotta tell you. Not least of which is how to teach a kid something without using a lot of words.

    He's a ton better now with verbal stuff, since his speech has been tremendously sorted out. I can explain things in full sentences, whereas before it had to be no more than three or four words, TOTAL. Try teaching a kid ANYTHING in FOUR WORDS!!!

    Love you. Take care! You'll run again, I know it. But give your body TIME.