Thursday, January 14, 2010


First off, I do feel a little silly posting my day to day normal stuff when so many people are suffering right now in Haiti. It's a bit like after my mom died. My dad and I went for a walk a couple of hours afterwards and the whole world just went on normally. What can we do besides pray and give money? I gave some money through Compassion. We sponsor a child through Compassion and one through World Vision and I have to say that I am very impressed with Compassion. If you are looking to sponsor a child, they do a wonderful job at keeping you connected with your child (at least 3 letters back and forth each year, you can give some extra money for birthday and Christmas presents, you can send your letters via email). Unlike World Vision where the translator just checks off some boxes and draws a picture themselves and makes it look like the child did it. Oh well, at least the child is sponsored.

On to the Chapman household. We had a lovely addition to our family this week...a new vacuum! I do love vacuuming and I've had the same vacuum for 10 years so it was time (the front wheels had fallen off).
The kids were more excited than I was! It's not super fancy but I love the clear canister that shows how much junk gets vacuumed up. Also, it's all we could get with our mastercard points. We had a good time vacuuming as a family once it was assembled. Koen does not like the vacuum. He just stands there and says `mama mama mama' over and over.
Yesterday I made pancakes for lunch and this is a conversation that ensued:
Kai: Mommy, you didn't make me any baby pancakes! (I usually make some little mini ones)
Me: Sorry Kai, I totally forgot.
Kai: It's okay mommy. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. I forgive you.
Koen's front tooth finally came through, for a total of 6, but he is still so grumpy. He had his vaccinations 2 days ago so that probably did not help.
I am eagerly awaiting `the phone call' for a couple that was due on Tuesday. I'm doing their birth photos and I can't wait. I think the only problem with wanting to get into this is that I am tied to my cell phone and you can't have any other booked photo shoot 2 weeks around the due date. I'm trying to figure out the logistics of it all but still, very excited!
Gary has been gone a lot due to basketball. He had a tournament all weekend and now has a tournament this week. Unfortunately they are not playing that well which makes it a lot less fun for him to coach. Somehow, when he is not home, we end up having dinner at 4:30pm, baths at 5pm and the kids are ready for bed by 5:30pm. This means I have 2 hours before bed time where I am ready for them to go to bed. I would go for a walk with them but it is dark and wet out. Oh well, less than 2 more months until I have Gary back!
This is Koen's face after 5:30pm each night. Unless I have him. I think he's just not used to Gary these days and he is just in some pain (tummy and tooth). Might not help that Gary is just watching basketball while `trying' to entertain him:)
So I put him in the bjorn last night and went for a walk. Haven't done that in months but Koen was loving it.
After his bottle, he was so tired that he fell asleep in my arms (woohoo! I love it!). He did not transfer and stayed up for another 2 hours.....

Oh well, they are only young once and I don't mind. Nothing else to do and a few extra hours of cuddles each night is fine to me right now.
Oh yes, so I don't forget: Words Koen says; Mama, Dada, Boo (blue), Ha Da (hi there), Ba (bye)


  1. i've been so far away from the news this week that i didn't even hear about the earthquake until Alf started talking about it yesterday. so incredibly sad!

    i like your new vacuum cleaner...that's an item that would really excite me :)

    cute pics of the boys - love the one of you with Koen napping on your shoulder :)

  2. Sean rarely gets home from work before 6:30/7 and you don't know how many times my kids are ready for bed by 5 and I'm what?
    Those are some great pictures of you and the boys!

  3. It's great to hear of people sponsoring kids through Compassion. My brother works for Compassion and we've been really impressed with the inner workings of the company as well.

  4. Hi Louise...I hear you on the compassion thing...I gave a bit of money to the Red Cross at costco this am and felt like crying, because it was so little. Also, my little 10 month old has been a bear lately (teeth, I think)...I also bjorn'ed her for the first time in MONTHS yesterday and it worked like a charm!
    (I think I've commented before, but if not, I'm a friend of kelly' your blog!)

  5. I love mini pancakes! I still get my dad to make them for me :)

  6. Oh transfers...
    During tbe day I'm fine to plunk "little" down, but in the evening before bedtime it must be done with the utmost care!

  7. The kids and I would also totally get excited about a new vacuum!

    I loved the photo of Gary with crying Koen. Hilarious!

    Also hilarious was your pancake conversation with Kai. He is a funny kid.

  8. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Sorry that your World Vision experience has not been good. I just have to add that I get lots of hand written mail from my World Vision child (got a letter yesterday!), I can also send extra birthday money just for her and I can email letters...maybe it depends on the area the child is in??
    I made cupcakes for the cast this week and they loved them....unfortunately mine were from a package :( Oh well maybe next time I will try your recipe!