Saturday, January 16, 2010

Five Carrots

(Oh Koen, you make me smile)
Today I went for a walk with a friend. It was super nice to get out in the sunshine and I'm not going to complain about how utterly exhausted I was from a walk.
We wrote letters to ourselves when we were in grade 11 and we just got them last year (from our teacher). Mine was actually pretty boring but it was interesting to see my predicted timeline...`Finish highchool, go to university, get married while there, work 3 years, have a couple of kids, when they go to school, work part time'. Man, good thing I didn't get married during university!! The reason I say that is because I wasn't dating anyone I should have married at that time. I worked for about 5 years before having kids. A funny comment I made was: `When you read this you will probably have no more skin problems!'. Apparently I had skin problems?! I don't even remember having more than one zit at at time but maybe that one zit was very traumatic for me?:)
Kai always likes to have 5 carrots for a snack. Yes, 5. The other day he asked if I could get him 5 carrots and then said `but I didn't hear you count!'. How do you explain counting in your head? He loves holding up the appropriate number of fingers for everything now. I think they do that a lot in preschool. We got to sit in on an hour of preschool and it was amazing to see all that they do in their circle time. Kai even raised his hand when he had a question, it was very cute. He is not afraid to ask any question or do anything.
(Holding hands with my littlest bubba)
Tonight we watched `Bolt' as a family. Kai said it was the best night ever. I don't know if he understood even half of the movie but he sure loved it! Koen just wandered around the whole time doing things that made me laugh. He gets into everything and it's really interesting how much he actually understands now.
Koen is able to eat a lot of different things. I think it's more than me just being relaxed about it, he just has really good manipulation of objects and had a great pincer grasp very early on. Don't ever try to take an apple away from him, something I found out the other day.
I know this was sooooooo boring but it's a Saturday post. Oh well, better than nothing?!


  1. That first picture of Koen is adorable!!

  2. love that first pic of Koen :)

  3. Jax is big time into apples now too. But I have to peel it or he'll just spit all the skin out on the floor. Everywhere!