Sunday, January 03, 2010

One Year Ago...

(Pictures of his party are in the next post)
We woke up at 5am and went to the hospital. We checked in and put our stuff in our post delivery room. We were supposed to be the first C-section of the day (8am I believe) but we got pushed back. Koen was actually due on January 12th but with C-sections, they do it up to 10 days early which I felt best with. I was very uncomfortable with Braxton Hicks non stop and Gary was still home on holidays. Had Koen gone all the way to his due date, he would have probably been well over 10lbs!
So, here we are getting ready.
I was sooooo big.
Then, at 9am, they wheeled me down just outside of the operating room. Here, we waited. The anesthesiologist came to talk to us and let me know what would be happening. He was very nice.
Then, they wheeled me in. While they were giving me my spinal and prepping me, Gary had to wait outside. The needle in your back really doesn't hurt at all. I would say an IV hurts more. Last time, I was 10cm dilated, had been pushing for an hour and half, and got an epidural in while contracting. Try not moving while going through a contraction!
Didn't notice the catheter going in either. I was nice and numb. They prick your skin to see if you can feel it and you are pretty numb up to your chest.

Then, Gary was allowed in. This is where things got emotional! My baby was almost here and I couldn't believe it! Boy? Girl? Size? Healthy?
I was feeling sick so the anesthesiologist gave me some different meds until I felt better. It works instantaneously. It felt like just a few minutes had passed and then Gary was allowed to take pictures because our baby's head had emerged!
And out he came! It's a boy!!!
They quickly showed him to me but then checked him over before I held him.
Crying. Please note that Gary is wearing my hair elastic on his wrist.
Sounds good!
My first real look at my big, beautiful baby boy Koen. Koen Jacob Daniel Chapman. We had decided on his boy name VERY early on. We had also considered Logan (mix of Louise and Gary) but stuck with Koen.
Proud parents!
Chubs. 9lbs 7oz. Check out the chubby thighs! He was so unflexible, his legs would not bend. His head was a lot smaller than Kai's 95th percentile head...I think Koen's was just in the 50th percentile. His chest was huge too. That was the part I felt when they took him out. It feels like you are having a major mass removed from your abdomen, well, because you are, but you can feel it. Not hurting, just pressure, tugging, and movement.
We were tired. He needed to be fed every 2 hours for his low blood sugar levels. He also needed his poor little heel pricked each time he fed. He had a hard time feeding being tongue tied and later we realized, having reflux. The first few days recovering from a C-section are not fun. Very painful. Very limited mobility. Didn't help that I was also sick and when I coughed I had to hold a pillow to my incision and somehow get a good enough cough in.
Because I was feeding him so often, on the 2nd day, my milk came in like crazy. Painfully crazy. I borrowed an electric pump from the hospital and pumped away. So much milk. Container after container. Once I got home, I remained engorged for over one week. I used cold packs in my shirt and a pump. I tried to feed him as often as possible, but feeding him was difficult. But, we persisted and after 2 months of painful, difficult feeding, all was well. Two months!
I guess the paper says he was born at 10:30am even though I thought it was 10am:)
My dad with `Little Jack' as he calls him. It was pretty snowy out so it was difficult for people to make it to the hospital to see us all.
Kai meeting his little brother for the first time!

Daddy with his boys!
Gramma and Grandpa check him out.
Auntie Janny (who is due in March)
Auntie Trisha trying to get him to drink...
Auntie Jackie and Uncle Tyler
Taking a snooze on daddy
He slept okay in the hospital but we had to keep waking him up every 2 hours to monitor his blood sugar levels. Very frustrating.
When we got home, we realized after about a month that he had reflux. He was happiest upright, and not moving too much. He loved being held in the baby bjorn for hours and hours and hours. He slept best on his tummy. If he was on his back, he would vomit. He was a happy baby but he was in pain from the reflux. He would arch his back after each feed. Fortunately, we got through it and he started feeling better and better. Now, he has small little spit ups still, but usually its only if he has a lot to eat or drink and then is in a sitting position. He has not been the best sleeper throughout this year but it is getting better and better each and every day.

I would say he is a very healthy boy. He is very happy and easy going. He does love all people, but probably enjoys being with mommy the most. He is nearly done breastfeeding as he doesn't do it more than a minute or two. He loves being outside. He loves running around. He loves the stairs, garbage can, and fridge. He loves music and will stop crying if I start singing to him.
Here is a picture at 10am on his birthday...exactly a year old (although maybe he was born at 10:30am)!

We love our Kokinator so much. He makes us laugh and I think he is absolutely adorable. This year he has progressed so quickly through the sitting, crawling and then walking. He's a bundle of energy and he is so loved. Our 23.8lb ball of cuteness is now a one year old! Happy Birthday Koen!!


  1. oh my I loved seeing your baby belly!! Happy Birthday Koen!

  2. oh my. those photos got me all teary and emotional.
    happy birthday little guy!

  3. Wow... one year already. That means I've been tuning into your blog for one year, too! I remember seeing those C-section images (they stuck in my memory... in a good way, how amazing birth/hospital/modern medicine is), and I guess I just kept taking a peek here and there from then on.
    Good work on keeping me hooked! and happy happy birthday little K.

  4. fanTASTic photos. he is such a cutie; i can't believe his chubby thighs at birth - amazing!
    happy birthday koen!

  5. You are beautiful. Especially in the picture just before Koen was born. Lovely.

  6. love this post and seeing where you were exactly a year ago and what you experienced. very cool. happy birthday koen!!!