Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Chocolate Waffles

I love waffles. I love them more with real whipped cream and homemade blueberry sauce. That's what we had for lunch today folks. So good. I'm a little addicted to that foodgawker site:) Although the chocolate waffles were good, I think I'd rather have a healthier waffle and let all the fat come from the whipping cream. Oh man, whipping cream with vanilla bean sugar....
I take a lot of head shots of my kids. I realize this. It's just that I rarely take my camera out when we leave the house because it's a bit hard watching the kids (let's be honest, it's my crazy Koen that must be watched closely) and taking pictures. So, there are a lot of pictures from inside the house. If Gary is along for an outing, it's not a problem having the camera too.
(Koen jumping on our bed with Gary's alarm clock...his favourite thing to do upstairs)
Here are some more pictures of my absolutely adorable kids, who are both sick with colds. Apparently when Koen has a cold, he has to stay up all night and when we take him into our bed, he spends half an hour jumping on me and Gary and then gets sent back to his room after his runny nose has been wiped all over our duvet cover. He would seriously stand on the bed, lift his arms into the air, and then body slam onto one of us and giggle away. Then, he'd get up, walk to the other person and do the same. I don't mind losing one nights sleep to a cute little boy, but let's hope tonight is better!
(How did I get him to smile? I said, `Thomas the train farted'. That's boy humour for you, folks! I'm learning.)
Is it just me, or is Kai growing up?
Today Koen walked about 8 blocks without me having to carry him. He refuses to hold my hand so there was a lot of redirecting him. Thankfully Kai was patient with us.

Kai looking out the front window, watching the excavator working across the street. When we walked by them later in the day, Kai asked them what they were doing and they chatted with him. Kai then told me, `They really like me mommy, I should invite them to my birthday party!'. What is up with wanting to invite strangers to your birthday party? Last night when we went for a walk, he asked a random lady with a beautiful dog if she wanted to come. She declined. He told me later he actually only wanted the dog to come, not the lady.

Well, still awaiting `the call' for the birth photo shoot I'm going to do. She is now 8 days overdue so I'm assuming it will be in the next two days:)
Have a great evening everyone!
Bon nuit.


  1. chocolate waffles - interesting. I think my girls would love them a little too much that I could never get them back to whole wheat ones:o)

  2. The 4th image from the bottom of Kai is AWESOME. I love the light and his expression.

  3. i'm scared to try chocolate waffles...i may like them too much :)
    nice humor getting kai to smile - i wonder if it would work on girls too...

  4. Love Kai's comment about him only wanting the dog to come to his party and not the lady. So cute!

  5. Both sick with colds? I'm dealing with a sicky right now too... What are some ways that you guys cope with the stuffed up nose and breathing at night? Any cold tips besides Tylenol, humidifiers and cuddles? We're blessed though as this is our FIRST cold ever but boy, is it ever nasty!

  6. Erin, the only extra thing I can think of with colds are;
    1. Saline drops for baby's helps loosen up the mucus.
    2. Having a warm bath right before bed helps loosen and clean up their nose.
    That's all I've got:)

  7. I just have to say that the comment about inviting the dog, not the lady, to his party made me laugh out loud. I had to come back and read again because it just strikes me as so funny!

  8. Anonymous9:01 PM

    I love that Kai is inviting strangers to his birthday party...maybe if I am nice to him I'll get an invite...I'll bring a dog along just in case :)