Monday, January 11, 2010


Kai. Oh man. He is a good kid but he exhausts me.

Kai: Mommy, why are you so grumpy?
Me: I just need a break Kai.
Kai: But mommy, I really want to be with you.
Kai (after I was so frustrated with him and not saying anything because who knew what would come out): Mommy, why are no words coming out of your mouth? Just open it and they'll come out!
(We need to get his big boy bike fixed so he doesn't have to ride the tricycle anymore.)
Every night, Kai facilitates a `What was your favourite part of the day' and `What was the worst/saddest part'. He always says his worst part was when Opi's house came down, even though it happened a month ago. He is pretty good at facilitating our discussion. When Gary said his worst part of the day, Kai responded with, `Yes, that is sad.'. ANYWAY, this was Kai's favourite part of the day yesterday...
Kai: `My favourite part of the day is that mommy is feeling better'. Awwwww, that is so sweet!
The picture below shows a common interaction between Kai and Koen. If Kai wants Koen to follow him somewhere, he opens his singing card (which is `Celebrate') and Koen will immediately stop what he is doing and follow Kai. It totally reminds me of training a dog. Is that bad to say?
Koen now listens to us. If he starts climbing the stairs and I just say `Koen. No.', he will listen. I have to use my mean voice though.
Koen has been VERY grumpy lately. Just wants his mommy. SCREAMS when he goes down to bed which he hasn't done since he was a baby. If I go in there and hold him, he just waves bye to his crib and says `mama mama mama'. He will cry/scream for hours. I can't handle it. I usually get him after an hour. It's frustrating because he isn't sleeping much in the day and the last 2 nights he hasn't fallen asleep before 8:30pm (normally 6:30pm). The only changes I can think of are that he only bottle feeds now (he won't breastfeed) and Gary has been gone a lot.

A cute thing that he has been doing is waving at everyone and saying `ha da' (which I think is `hi there!').
(Wearing big boy shoes)

(Might be time for some new pj's!)
(He does this face all the time!)
Wrestling with daddy!

(My niece Izzy)
(My niece Ani)

I don't think I've had a normal picture of Kai in a long time.
By the way, the post I did last week got the most comments in a long time. It was about Gary and I. Hmmm.....maybe I need to bring up some good Gary dating stories of what NOT to do, they are entertaining:)
Bon nuit.


  1. Anonymous10:03 PM

    I found that post really funny!! Kai seems like such an entertaining person to have around with all of those funny comments!! thanks for sharing :)

  2. I love Koen's big boy shoes and the picture of the toes poking out of the sleeper.

  3. My favorites are the first picture of Kai and the one of Koen making his goofy face. Koen's big boy shoes are adorable too!

  4. love the pictures :)
    Koen's difficulty going to sleep sounds familiar. Ezra has been doing the same thing the past few nights and it's annoying. we were at bible study last night, so my sister was babysitting. she finally called at almost 9 and he'd been crying on and off since 7:30! She ended up giving him a bottle and that worked. so we're suspecting another growth spurt (he's been eating like a HORSE lately!). Maybe Koen's in one too? hope you can figure it out soon! :)

  5. Kelly-maybe it is a growth spurt? He drank 8oz before bed and then half an hour later, he had 3 more. He probably would've kept going but I was nervous about it all coming up if he drank too much.
    Heidi-I guess all kids are entertaining but man, ours make us laugh A LOT.

  6. your boys are hilarious. LOTS of personality!!! sorry about grumpapotamus. No advice, just sympathy!! xo

  7. Love the close up pics.
    You are amazing that even when grumpy and frustrated and lacking sleep, you can still take and show the lovely close ups.

    Way more grown up than me. I'd be taking naked pictures on a cold day just so future girlfriends would be turned off.