Friday, January 01, 2010


Wow. Happy New Year! I have to quickly do a post before tomorrow because tomorrow, my baby turns 1!!! It is so emotional for me to think back a year ago, to the day he was born. Just thinking of where I was at this time exactly last year...dropping Kai off at gramma's, having one last good night sleep, and awaiting the birth of our baby. But, I will hold off on the tears for now and I will wait until tomorrow to do his one year post.
I made a bunch of yummy treats for Koen's first birthday which we will celebrate tomorrow. Here I'm making cake pops. Seriously, these things are so ridiculously tasty. They look fun but taste even better. It's basically a cake with frosting blended up, formed into balls, dipped in melted chocolate and then covered in sprinkles. SO GOOD.
I also made these ice cream cone cupcakes from Martha Stewarts `Cupcakes' book. The icing colour with the sprinkles remind me of the book `Million Little Pieces'. If you've read it, you know what I mean:)

We have been super busy with family and friends this holiday. Yesterday, we got together with all our nerdy friends in Abbotsford for Josh's dedication in the morning, then we all had dinner together in Walnut Grove, and then Gary and I went to my friend Lynette's for New Years Eve. It was a wonderfully full day and night.
Here's Kai all ready to go in his new position in the van. We have turned Koen around and he is pumped about it!
Here is cute little squishy Josh all cuddled up with Dana. He sleeps so well in the wraps and slings. So awesome to be there for his dedication.
Here's 4 of the guys with their 4 new additions in the last year and a half (plus Micah in front!). I think Addi, the one girl, has 3 very nice options:)
Three of the kids having a tea party with real tea. Why haven't I done that with Kai? He was loving it!
Bennett was loving it too.
Below we've got Koen and Addi. These two are monkeys that love the stairs and keep us both nice and busy:)
Addi eating...isn't she so cute?!
Riley...the oldest of the `little kids'.
All right...I better get going on finishing up stuff for tomorrow. We are actually having two birthday parties for him tomorrow as our house cannot hold all those that we love so much! One in the morning and one in the evening. We'll see how it goes!
And finishing off with the picture of me and Koen. This is the first time I saw my beautiful, chubby, baby boy. I know you can't tell by my face but I was absolutely overwhelmed, amazed, and ridiculously happy to meet him.


  1. Thanks for taking and posting so many great photos of the dedication! The last photo of you with brand new Koen brought tears to my eyes. See you later today! Happy Birthday Koen!!!!

  2. Happy New Year! I hope you are having a fabulous day today on Koen's 1st birthday!!

  3. Hey Dana, I'm pretty sure Gary used your/Andrew's camera to get a bunch of pictures too so hopefully they turn out okay:)

  4. Ok seriously... I need to get on this cake-ball wagon... They look absolutely deadly! How did you come across this marvelous idea? Hope the birthday was a hit!

  5. Check out for awesome, yummy ideas on cake pops and more!