Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kai Bear

Kai had his party day at school today. It's where they show the parents what they have learned throughout the month. This month's theme was `bears' so they had their bear hats on and sang songs about bears. I always call him Kai Bear so it was fitting:)
Kai loves the singing and the actions and usually does everything very exaggerated. He is also a bit silly. One of the songs talks about saying nice words to lift people's spirits up, up, up and Kai kept singing `...down, down, down' with actions and a HUGE smile. The teacher had to stand next to him after that:) Yes, the teacher needs to stand next to MY kid. I think having kids, especially boys, will make me a better teacher. A little more understanding.
(His bear ears area bit turned around)
Kai put up his hand to answer every question. He loves preschool. Have I said that before?:)
(The bears are hibernating)
The weather has been pretty nice the past few days so the kids have actually played in the backyard. Koen was pretty pumped to discover the sand and water table. It was full of Kai's `soup'. Gross. Found a rotten squash in there.
I wonder what Kai will be into once he is done with the construction/cars/trucks phase. What's next?
Gary had his winter camp out this week and it went well. He teaches an outdoor leadership class...very cool. Something I would've loved to have taken. Something I would love to take now. He was home for one hour and then left again. Busy, busy time.
Football starts up in a few more months. I'm really hoping to see an improvement in my health by then. So far, I'm staying at about 85% eyes seem to be getting worse again and the only other thing I deal with daily is some anxiety. If you don't know, I do have a thyroid blog too. Yes, I actually have 4 blogs:)
I think I felt this way about Kai at this age too, but man, I think Koen is the most adorable thing in the world. Today while Kai and his class were singing, Koen was dancing to the music. So cute!! When he does something naughty, he looks at me and giggles like he is the funniest person in the world. I really, really, really love this stage. You know, before they say `no!' or lay on the ground crying because you didn't give them a cookie.

Talking about cookies, we watched `Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs' last night. I asked Kai what food he would like to fall from the sky and his answer was....apples and carrots. Who is this kid? What about timbits? Pizza? Seriously, this guy loves his fruits and veggies. The movie was cute and I'd give it an 8/10. The headless chickens were a bit scary to the kiddos, especially when it ate one of the characters. I love that we can have family movie nights now, it makes me feel so `family-ish' if that makes sense. We def. do not have family game nights because if Kai doesn't win the game, it's not pleasant. We don't play Candyland anymore because of that.

I'm looking forward to the weekend. Also, I sent away a very exciting letter today...I will post on it later. It deserves a separate post.

Bon nuit!


  1. 1. I bet I know what the letter is.
    2. Does Koen's necklace help with his stomach? (I see it on his photo). and yes, he is very adorable. so cute.

  2. What is your 4th blog?

  3. How did I not know about your "picture this" blog?!

  4. i forgot about the picture blog - i need to add that to my bloglines, apparently :)
    i LOVELOVELOVE this stage too - they are SO cute (well, they both are, but the younger age i especially love).
    curious to read that letter post... :)

  5. Lovin' Koen in his brown outfit. He is adorable!! Love his dimples.

  6. Love that second picture of Kai...his expression is priceless! Must check out this picture blog too. And...the stage Koen is in? the best! I loved 14-18 months!!!