Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Goat For Gold

Check out this website. Joel started `Goat Canucks Goat' when the Canucks were in the playoffs. They wanted people to purchase a goat every time the Canucks had a win. People bought goats regardless of wins or losses and over 1,000 goats were purchased for Africa through the CRWRC.

Now, Joel is starting Goat For Gold in hopes that people will purchase a goat (for just $34.50 per goat) for every gold medal we get in the Olympics. Or any medal really. Goats are a great way for those in Africa to have a sustainable source of milk. I love Africa. I had a pet goat when I was a kid although I think we just had it to cut the grass. I will def. be purchasing a goat or two.

If you are wondering who Joel is, we did their wedding back in July. Gary and I also worked with his wife, Jen.

Finally, check out the goat-o-meter on the website:)

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  1. I always wanted a goat as a pet, every spring when that back half acre started growing wild. We would say we should get a goat to help out with that. Matt and I would look in the buy&sell for the cost of a goat. Look up what sort of "house/shed" we would need to build for the goat... We would get excited. Then at some point my dad would remind us that the goat would probably get attacked by some wild coyotes or something. Then we would be sad for our future goat pet and that would be the end of our dreaming for a goat (until the next spring)