Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I love my kids. A lot. I sometimes wonder about their safety by having a blog. There are a lot of things I could do to make is safer; just use nicknames, make the blog private, disable right clicking on pictures etc. There was an incident I just heard of where a woman is taking pictures off of blogs and posting them on her own blog, as if they were her own kids. Something I need to think about.
In the meantime, isn't he so adorable? He loves Blue more and more each day.
Blue #2 (back up blue) does not do the trick so I hope we never lose this guy! When Koen doesn't want to be in bed, he throws Blue out and cries and cries. We just go into his room, throw Blue back into his crib, and then he goes to sleep:)
Gary and I just watch him in amazement. He is so good on his feet and his smile melts our hearts. Those dimples sure help. Sure, he has his grumpy moments, but overall, he is such a happy, goofy little guy.
Kai is such a boy. Wow. Never thought I would be excited for my kid to watch `Mighty Machines'. He loves playing garbage man. He drives around the house, on Koen's little firetruck, and collects `garbage' and delivers it to the `dump' (office). He also decided that he was in charge of recycling and took the real recycling out to the garage without being asked.
We had our first wedding of the year last weekend...the weather behaved so that was awesome.
All right...is there anything you do to ensure your family's safety when blogging? Can you think of anything I can do differently? Maybe it's time to have a new blog address that doesn't have our last name in it? Thoughts?


  1. i definitely know what you mean, and have been contemplating making my blog private. i think that's really the only way to keep things really safe.

  2. That's why I just made our new blog private. I was starting to hear of so many people that I don't know reading our blog and it made me a little uncomfortable. I now feeel more free to say what I want. Good luck with your decision!

  3. I used to not care at all. Then I worried about it for awhile. Then I stopped.
    I don't really feel afraid of people using photos of my kids for random things, even if those things are gross or awful. What I don't know can't hurt me.
    But I do worry about people tracking us down because of some vendetta, you know? But Brent feels the chances of this are negligible.
    I like being able to network and find new friends/cyberfriends with the open access format. I also hate signing into other peoples' blogs so I feel bad making other people do that. But there are lots of people who do go private, so I'd understand if you did!! (Just make sure I can read it!! Lol!)

  4. I think that Aiden and Kai would have a lot of fun together! Koen looks so sweet in that first picture!

    The blog safety thing is tricky. I am not as worried as some members in my family, however, I decided to have a private blog to appease them. I write my blog as a memory/scrapbook. I used to have a public blog and I really enjoyed getting to meet new people and having more feedback. Having a private blog isn't quite as motivating if I don't remind myself that it is for a keepsake. Does this make sense?

  5. I really, really love reading your blog, even though I never had the chance to be taught by you or Gary at FVC. It would have been such a bummer to have come across it when I did (over a year ago!) and not to have been able to read it! But ultimately the safety of your fam has to be foremost in your thoughts..

  6. my blog was public until...maybe Taeya was a year old? the downer is that my blogger world doesn't expand much unless i delurk all over the place.
    but...i know exactly who can see my blog and that gives us both peace of mind.