Sunday, January 03, 2010

My Expert

Kai: Can mommy's climb ladders?
Me: Oh yes, mommy's can do whatever daddy's do!
Kai: Even really, really high ones?
Me: Yes (okay, let's be honest, I wouldn't climb a high one but I could if I had too!)
Kai: You are brave?
Me: Sometimes I'm scared but daddy says, `You can do it!' and then I try my best.
Kai: Can you be a fireman?
Me: Yes, I can be a firefighter, but I would need some lessons and schooling first.
Kai: I can teach you. I'm an expert on firemans.
Me: Really? How do you put out a fire?
Kai: You put on your fireman hat and put out the fire.
Me: Well, how do you put it out?
Kai: You just put it out.
Me: Oh. I think water might help.
Kai: Yes, but you need the hat. Gramma has one for you.

Kai has been telling us that he is the expert on everything. Dogs. Dinosaurs. Construction. And now...firefighting. He later asked if I was brave enough to twirl like a ballerina. I was. I did.
Kai chose for Gary to read him stories today. He said daddy was the best reader. This is the first time it has ever happened. I guess my animated story telling isn't as appealing as Gary making up silly stories/names/events throughout a book. Time to step up my game!
I've decided that Koen should only wear brown shirts from now on. Too bad he only has two of them:) Just check out his eyes though!


  1. Cute pictures! I definitely agree about Koen wearing brown.

  2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE reading about the funny things Kai says.

  3. I think you just got suckered ... I used to play the "are you brave enough" game with my brothers. Would love to see you twirl.

    What a beautiful family! Love the pics as always Louise.