Tuesday, January 05, 2010

One Year Check Up

Koen had his one year check up and here's the info:
-23lbs, 30.5" long (Kai was the same length but 2lbs heavier).
-25 percentile for head size, 50th for weight, 75th for length. I was a bit concerned about his small head size and the doctor checked his soft spot and it is pretty small for this age but I guess it normally closes between 12-18 months. He said to just check it out again in 6 months. Gary has a small head compared to the rest of him so it could just be genetics.
-he is tongue tied but the doctor just said to keep monitoring it to see if it affects his speech. So far he is making all the regular sounds (mama, dada etc).

What else is new with Koen? He started waving yesterday and saying `Haaaa' (his version of hi). He also slept 14.5hours in a row last night. AWESOME! I'm trying to get him on one nap but waiting until noon is painful as he is a major grumpus.

What is new with Kai? Kai now weighs 40lbs and seems to have grown up immensely in the past 2 days. His conversations and questioning are just amazing to me. He has been big into understanding maps and Canada. He wants to know where the border is between Surrey and Langley and wants to know where everyone lives. He is a bit obsessed with houses being torn down and I hope he isn't too traumatized by watching my dad's house being torn down. He was so excited to go back to preschool today, he really, really loves it. His behaviour has improved immensely and maybe we are past the crazy 2.5-3.5 year old stage of temper tantrums? He just seems so grown up to me. Yesterday, Kai said, `I don't want Koen to have a nap, he's my best friend!'. I got a little teary eyed. I'm not sure Kai meant to say that but man, they have been playing so nicely together! They run upstairs together and then jump on our bed and run around all over the place.

I talked to my dad on skype yesterday. He's in Hawaii. Must be nice! He just put the webcam facing the beach with a beer in front of it.

I think a million people must've gotten engaged this Christmas because we've had a lot of people asking us about wedding photography (4 people in just the last 3 days!). We've had to say no and I feel bad but we need to make sure that we have a few weeks holiday this summer too!

Tomorrow I'm off to the endocrinologist. We'll see what she says. I'm going to ask if I can take my beta blockers so that I can try to control my heart rate enough to exercise. I have been unable to do any cardio for 4 months. Oh man, I hope that it is a really good meeting with her because I just want to get my body sorted out once and for all.

I made these veggie burgers for dinner and made the buns too. I usually try to make whole wheat breads and buns but boy, these were good and easy to make!

I'm currently making a 2009 book for each of the boys (same book, I'll just print 2). I'm doing it through London Drugs this time and we'll see how good it looks. I'm doing one month on 2-3 pages and I'm trying to do one month each night so that I'm done in a couple of weeks.

Okay, time to work on the boys book and then watch `The Biggest Loser'.
Bon nuit.


  1. I just ordered a book from my blog for 2009. It hasn't arrived yet but I am anxious to see how it turns out. I am hoping to just print off the blog each year instead of printing pictures. We;ll see.
    Sounds like your boys are doing great!
    Let us know what the specialist says.

  2. Let me know how the book turns out...Suz got an online scrap booking program - is that kinda what you're doing?
    Cute kiddos!

  3. I want to sleep 14.5 hours!
    Hope your t-roid is shaping up.