Monday, January 25, 2010


These are my favourite chocolate chip cookies. The star ingredient is the corn starch...makes them nice and chewy.

Kai (wanting a cookie): Mommy, did you know that sugar makes boys nice to brothers?
Kai: Mommy, can I go skiing?
Me: Well, I'm not sure if you're old enough.
Kai: Mommy, I'm very brave. I can do anything in the whole wide world.
I wanted Kai to wear his boots yesterday because I knew he would want to puddle jump. Kai said, `I don't jump in puddles on Sunday, only on Thursday and Friday.'

Okay, I shouldn't have said I would post a picture of my new black jeans...but, here they are. I went out for my littlest sister's stagette. Wow, I am old. How have things changed in a bar since I was last there? Everyone has cell phones and digital cameras (and are using them a lot). Back when I was in university, no one had either of those which is probably a good thing...thank goodness there was no facebook either. There were also a lot of short shorts. Yes, in January. I ran into an old student of mine there and it was nice to catch up (although that made me feel VERY old to be there).
(Maria, don't look!)
Ani's 4th birthday is this week. I made a children's story for her. We had a dress up tea party at our house, I took a bunch of pictures, and then I made a book through London Drugs. Only problem is that I made two spelling mistakes:(

We visited with friends last night and they have 2 dogs and a cat. I am now tempted to get a cat. We had both growing up and I know that cats are a lot less maintenance and they are very independent. We will see. Do they scratch leather couches? I'm not in the mood for that. And where do you put the litter box when your main floor is just one giant room? Will a cat go to the basement to use the litter box? I guess so. We will see!

Gary is going overnight camping in the snow this week. Should be fun for them...hopefully the boys behave for me!

Time to think about dinner. I like making it, I just don't like deciding what to make. Gary and I used to menu plan a week at a time and we should really get back to it. Such a time and money saver.

Oh yes, one more thing...have you watched `Modern Family' on Wednesday nights? A new top 5 show for me. Makes me laugh. Gary's not sold on it, but I am.


  1. Looking good in those jeans! And boots! Dang!
    And we've got a cat and she totally makes our life way more interesting (in good ways... usually). And we've moved her litter box a number of times, and she's always found it... even in the basement :) Good luck!

  2. Hot mama!
    Love Modern Family too. makes me laugh.
    I can't remember who said it, but I heard that cats scratch leather couches, but I can't imagine it.

  3. mmm...cookies! :) i may have to try that recipe.
    the jeans look great!
    i'm NOT a cat-lover, so i'm not the one to convince you of any benefits :)

  4. You look great in the jeans and boots!!

  5. jeans look great! plus, i love the idea of a book for Ani... she will LOVE it (spelling mistakes and all) :)

  6. PS did you see that Kai made MckMama's blog? :)

  7. Lindsay, I didn't see! Thanks for letting me know, you are very observant!

  8. I just came to tell you I saw Kai on Mckmama's blog too but it looks like someone beat me to it.

  9. Yeoh! Sexy Mama. Tigers are great as long as you have a scratching pad. Our litter box is in the bathroom and we just spend the extra $1 to get the flushable stuff so it doesn't smell (the smell was either me or the dogs:)). We're about to drill a little tiger door through our basement door so she can get out too - but that's not necessary.

    Definitely get a tiger!

    So good to see you yesterday! Thanks for coming out.

  10. Whoah!!! Mckmama's blog!!! Very cool:)
    Also, the jeans/boots combo? You totally pulled it off! And the cat? I've had five in my lifetime and they have always found their is the first thing you show them when you bring them home!
    (PS...I linked to you on my blog...hope that's alright! Let me know if not :)

  11. Cats are very easy and yes they always find their box. I think that the cat would leave the couches alone as long as you trained it from day one to use a scratching post or another option is to get them declawed but then the cat needs to be an indoor cat because if the cat were to get out it would not have any defense against another animal if it were to be declawed.
    Very nice boots! I have heard lots about Modern Family but don't have cable sooo no Modern Family for me but 18 to Life on CBC is pretty funny too!

  12. ErinFay9:51 AM

    I must say... those cookies..? Drop Dead Delicious! Got up early on this beautiful day to make a batch... now to get the laundry done and get outside to play!! Keep posting your favorites so that I can test them out. These chocolate chip cookies really are "tried and true". Thanks Louise.

  13. Anonymous10:35 AM

    Cats are great, and can find their litter box anywhere. In regards to your furniture, a scratching post and some training will do the trick. No matter what you do though, do not declaw a cat. Declawing is a surgical amputation of the first joint of the cat's toes (so not like removing a toe nail but an actual joint).

  14. I have lots of comments-
    1- You look awesome! hot stuff!
    2- Those cookies also look awesome, can't wait to try the cornstarch (I'm always a sucker for a good chocolate chip cookie recipe..)
    3- I wish we too could have a cat but Mike is allergic - I feel that this would fill his desire to have a pet without the maintenance of a dog.. but on the other side I would have to pick up my vacuuming skills..

  15. You look great, L!

    I love my kitties and I totally think you should get one (although I would look into the scratching the leather couch thing as they do need to scratch something). I wish I could give you one of the many strays we have in our neighborhood!

    Can't wait to try your cookie recipe. Choc chip is my fave!

  16. Made these cookies with the kids the other day. Sadly, I cannot confirm personally, but the rest of the house reports that they are delicious. Thanks for the recipe!