Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I had decided a while back that Koen's birthday theme would be `Trains'. This is a bit more difficult than I thought as I was first going to make a cake with a fondant train on it and then, Gary and I had a bad fondant incident. So, it looks like I may just make a cake in the shape of a train. Sound a bit easier? We will see!
(From the painting in Koen's room)
I cannot believe that Koen is one in just 3 more days. I keep going back to this time last year, remembering how huge I was. Remembering how sick I was while recovering. Remembering that they said, `It's a boy!'. Remembering how we had a rough start with nurses manhandling me (all had a different opinion on breastfeeding) and me having to feed him every 2 hours for 24 hours to get his blood sugar levels up. Remembering his perfectly chubby body. Remembering Kai visiting in the hospital. Remembering when we became parents of two beautiful boys. Remembering those SUPER chubby thighs.
Kai in quiet time. He lays in his bed, with Bubi, sucks his thumb, and watches his DVD player.
The cross stitch blanket that Gary's mom made Koen.
This guy likes his milk, but is not as in love with it as Kai was. Koen is more about food. Any kind. All the time. Especially if it's off of someone else's plate:) I've discovered the joys of mini muffins. I make a bunch and it's an easy snack for the kids, and Kai can even eat them neatly in the van. I made a very healthy batch for Koen for breakfasts. By healthy, I mean that it tastes gross to me but it's full of apple, banana and oatmeal. He eats `em up!
My baby almost fully transitioned to the bottle. He still likes a cuddle and breastfeed maybe 1-2x per day. Last night he cried at 11pm and I just cuddled him and put him back down with his blankie and he went to sleep! Woohoo, I didn't have to feed him. I don't know why he is waking up. Teething? Losing his blankie? Wants some company? It's a sad cry, not a hungry or hurt one. More like a `Please someone, cuddle me!'.
This is `Corner Bubi'. Kai has two bubi's but this one is his favourite because it has `the' corner. It has loose threads that he rubs under his nose while he sucks his thumb. He is very particular about it. He only sucks his thumb, or gets Bubi, in his bed. If he is sad, he will go up there for a quick cuddle. Sometimes, rubbing Bubi on his owie makes him feel better:)

Taken through the van window while we were driving. I like the way the long grass looks even though I hadn't meant for it to be so soft looking.

Funny things Kai has said this week:

Kai (full of awe and excitement, he spotted something on the table): `Mommy! This is just what I always wanted! What is it?
Me: A dryer ball.

Kai (just walking in the door after coming back from gramma's house, the first thing he says...): `Mommy, I have a chocolate coin and you can't eat it cuz it's in my tummy.'

Kai: `Mommy, you better run! I have my tickle hands out!
(Note: for me to stop tickling him, he has to say,` Mommy, you are the best!'. I love it.)

Had a great brunch with friends this morning. We've been doing it every year, for 3 or 4 years, over the Christmas holidays. Just the girls. Good times. Good food. Good to get out without the kiddos:)

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. There's always a 'corner' on any blanket that is the favourite one. I still have my childhood blanket and it's got one really good rubbing corner. My brother was the exact same way only he had a 'finger hole' in one of the corners. Too funny. Happy Birthday to Koen! I am also looking forward to meeting you and your husband Gary as I am in one of the wedding parties that you'll be shooting in May (Sara & Dan). Happy New Years!

  2. Good luck with the cake. I love hearing Kai's comments. They're my favorite parts of your blog. He's so funny!

  3. I really enjoyed this post. The stuff Kai said really got me chuckling. And the Bubi attachment is so interesting to me. None of my kids has formed that sort of attachment with an object. How/when did it start for your boys? I wonder if Joshua will be the one to have a special lovey.

    I'm also very curious to know about the "bad fondant incident".

  4. (that last comment was me- Dana- hacked into Andrew's google account)

  5. i think the train cake will turn out perfectly :) the first year of remembering is always so special.
    i enjoyed Kai's little sayings too :)