Saturday, September 19, 2009


This evening, we took a few pictures of our cute little boys. I think they are so adorable. Somehow Kai has grown up so quickly these past few weeks. Maybe it's the preschool and swimming lessons but boy, he seems like a little adult to me!

After Kai's swimming lessons were completed, we went to McDonald's for dinner to celebrate. Even though he didn't pass, he still learned so much. He is so comfortable in the water and I'm very proud of him. While at McDonalds, I just kept thinking that Gary and I are adults celebrating our childs success in swimming. I always feel like I'm 19 and acting like a mom. Does that make sense?

Ok, I don't want to admit this but one of the problems with my thyroid is that it has made me a `little' more irritable and emotional. This is evident in Kai sponging up what I've said and this week he has said, `What the frick?' `How does this freakin thing work?' and to Gary, `Mom would be so pissed!'. Wow. From now on, I'm not saying that anymore. If Kai catches me saying anything like that, he is allowed to tell me that I'm being bad:) I'm just waiting for Kai to say that to my mother in law....oh boy:)

Koen is my super baby now! He sleeps 12 hours at night (straight!!!) and has a 2 hour morning nap and a 1 hour afternoon nap. It took him 8 months but now it's soooo awesome. I love his predicitability. I'm sure once the teeth come, I'll be in trouble, but for now, so great! He loves eating anything and everything. I have no idea how he does it without teeth but I love that he can feed himself everything. We just fill his tray with chuncks of pear, peach, bread, chicken, noodles etc. and he eats it all up!








  1. That last photo of Koen - so cute!!! His ears...his! Such a little man, he is! :)
    And yes, Kai is growing up VERY quickly!!!!

  2. such a beautiful family

  3. A great set of pictures!! Wow, Koen is sleeping 8 hours! Way to go. He must have sensed your need for sleep with everything else going on.

  4. Awesome! Your family looks so much in love and so happy.

  5. What great pictures of you guys! I'm glad to hear that Koen is doing so well with sleeping.. what a super star!

  6. Oooh I love this post. Really love the pics.

  7. I like the one with kai on your back. He is smiling so nice! Ah-the "Baby" part is done - enjoy the new life of his great sleeping patterns.....hopefully that means that you can sleep straight through at night too - as long as Kai does not wake you.

  8. Anonymous11:37 AM

    i totally know what you mean by "19 and act like a mom"....i feel the same way....:)

    that last picture of koen is very cute!