Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Seastar

Here are some pictures of Kai with his report card for swimming. He was in the first level; Sea Star. He didn't quite pass but really learned a lot. So proud of him for doing what his teacher asked him to do. I may have threatened to take away something important to him if he didn't behave:)

He was successful at moving in the water, splashing and being splashed, blowing bubbles, laying on his back (while teacher is holding him) and putting his ear in. He still needs to work on submerging his head for 2 seconds and jumping into the pool. I do have a video of him laying on his back but ya, too much work to upload right now. It was funny because I didn't want to look like the keaner mom so I was trying to videotape without anyone seeing:)

Kai wanted me to read the words from his teacher several times over the past few days. I thinnk he really liked his teacher. I liked that she was very firm with him and almost forced him to do things.

I've really realized that Kai needs to arrive at preschool and other things early. Maybe 5 minutes before it begins. That way he has time to process and prepare. Time for him to talk to a kid or two. It makes him much more comfortable. The one time he freaked out at preschool was the time I arrived 2 minutes after it had opened. Same thing with swimming lessons. He has this really weird habit of needing to know people's names. It makes him feel so much more comfortable to know just a few. By the way, did I mention that I am loving preschool? Next Thursday is `party day' where the kids will be presenting all they have learned so far. I'm def. taking my camera. I'm scared I'm going to cry with pride...I cry very easily:)

Oh Koen. He makes me smile. He's such a goofball! He has a runny nose, thanks to Kai (thanks to preschool). He is so easily consoled. He shared a blueberry and raspberry smoothie with me tonight so we will find out if he is allergic to milk!

No teeth yet for my cutie pie. Remember how I said that he slept 12 hours straight through the night for about a week? Last night he decided to wake me up twice:(

Koen looks so much like I did as a baby. My dad gave me a bunch of photos of me as a newborn in the hospital with my mom. Beautiful. There was even a picture of my mom breastfeeding which surprised me because my mom was such a private person.

Koen keeps trying to get up on his own but can't quite do it.
Okay, gotta watch The Biggest Loser. I'm not watching So You Think You Can Dance as much because I find that the dances are just getting a little innapropriate. It seems like the sexier it is, the more people like it. What are they teaching our teenagers?? No wonder they dance like they do at school dances....


  1. I already knew that Kai was a star, but a "Seastar"? Give him some congratulations from me. Let him know that I too have some 'skills I need to practice' in the water.

  2. way to go Kai!
    i LOVE that first picture of Koen - SO cute

    totally agree about SYTYCD. i made the same comment to Alf last night about it getting so much sexier this year. i mean...grabbing your partners crotch??!?!?!
    biggest Loser!!!!! :)

  3. Your boys are awesome.

    I agree about the dancing. We don't get SYTYCD here but I do watch Dancing with the Stars sometimes, and I wonder what the dancers' husbands/wives think about the ways the partners touch each other, both during and after a dance...

    That's great that the preschool is meeting your high standards!

  4. I agree about SYTYCD!!!! Lauren loves that show and i've had to not let her watch a couple of times cause they are getting way too sexy - why can't there be at least one prime time show that can be family friendly!! I especially find the canadian one has gone this way - maybe they're desperate for ratings - NOT cool with this mom!!

  5. I love that photo of Koen with his face all squinched-up (is that a word?) - I think it is my favorite one of him so far!