Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Okay, my sister Jantina wanted me to put this question out there....
She had an ultrasound at 7 weeks (due to pain and cramping) and they saw one baby.
She has been VERY sick and even had to go to the hospital for an IV (even on Diclectin, however you spell that)
She used the doppler today (she is a nurse) and found 2 different heartbeats in two totally different places. Maybe one could've been the placenta?
She is um, looking quite pregnant and she is just 16 weeks pregnant with her first:)

So, she is wondering if anyone had an early ultrasound showing one baby and then it ended up being two.


  1. I've know two people who that happened to. Good luck! I have twin sisters. It's a lot of fun...

  2. heartbeat can be heard in the cord in a totally different place....likely the cord, but who knows? Def. heard of ultrasounds missing twins, esp. that early!

  3. We discovered our twins at 7 weeks when I thought I was miscarrying the pregnancy. There were definitely 2 babies and 2 heartbeats on ultrasound. If she does end up with twins, I would love to talk with her and let her know what worked for me in those early days! :) On another note, I threw up multiple times per day with my singleton pregnancy, on full strength dicletin, until the day she was born. I have a huge amount of sympathy for her with the nausea and vomitting and I hope it disappears soon.

  4. I can't comment about the twin thing (though that would be exciting!) but I can point her to a good post about sickness: I hope something works for her; that must be horrible.

  5. there could have been a second baby hiding in that first ultrasound; hopefully she can get another ultrasound soon, and should try with the doppler a few more times to see what she finds.
    hope she can find out soon!

  6. how interesting. i have thought as well that the second heartbeat was just an echo from the first as it was quieter too./.....i dont think it is....also, a lot ofp eople struggle with sickness throughout, so this is normal. i guess two days ago was my "popping out" stage. thanks for your answers everyone!

  7. oh i mean i DO think that the second heartbeat is the cord. i dont believe there is two!