Thursday, September 03, 2009

Art and Pregnancy

Yay, I can finally blog about who's pregnant! Well, it's not me, but my middle sister Jantina is! She is about 13 weeks pregnant right now and is due about 4 days after my little sister, Trisha's, wedding. I'm excited for a little niece or nephew...I think I'm hoping for a boy as so far I just have 2 nieces on my side.

(Me and Jan...Jan is my, um, `unique and quirky' sister.)
Tonight I went to the pub with my sisters for dinner. Yummy. We are 5 very opinionated `strong' women which makes for some interesting conversation. Although, I have to say that Trisha is maybe a little `softer' than the rest of us:)

(Me and Jackie....Jackie and Jantina are both nurses)
And now for some artsy stuff from Kai. He has no interest in writing or colouring or anything of the sort but I'm still trying once in a while:)

I've lost 5lbs in 2 weeks without trying...strange, may have to buy new clothes
We have a wedding shoot this weekend and its supposed to rain
Our next door neighbours had their house broken into while they were sleeping...freaks me out

Really, nothing exciting. Bon nuit.


  1. super exciting! hopefully she'll be able to make it to Trish's wedding! (My mom missed my aunt & uncles wedding because I came a week early)
    That is a little freaky about our neighbours!

  2. aunty nut8:18 AM

    There's no such thing as a 'soft' probation officer! ;)

  3. Maybe nut is a little quiet - but not soft. We are very, very excited about little jan junior joining the clan!! Way to go doug and jan!