Tuesday, September 01, 2009

8 Months Old

First off, congratulations to our friends Andrew and Dana on the birth of their third child, 9lb 10oz baby boy, Joshua. Dana had the birth she always dreamed of and prayed for; a water birth at home. My ideal birth would also be a water birth, but in the hospital. Won't be happening but ya, would be cool. I don't many details yet but it sounds like all are well. There are some cool shots on Andrew's photography blog of the birth.

Now to my baby! Koen is now 8 months old. He weighs 21 lbs 5oz. This month he has learned to pull up on anything (like even a wall!) and he can stand for about 30 seconds by himself. He can walk pushing things but has no interest in doing it by himself. He is starting to make some new sounds and has just started saying` ssssss' and we will do it back and forth. He thinks he's the smartest thing ever:)

Sleeping wise, he still has naps that are too short but he is always in bed by 8pm now. Pick up put down works...it maybe took 3 days!!! I do feed him at about 11pm and then I send Gary in there when he wakes at about 3am to put him back down (he'll be standing there in his crib holding on to nothing!). He's up for the day by 7am.

I thought I was seconds away from a nice picture of the boys playing cars together...

until kai drove his truck into Koen's face...on purpose (although he always says, `I didn't mean to!').
His favourite activity is to try to get ahold of whatever Kai has (most likely a car or truck) or what we have (food, computer,or remote). He loves bathtime and doing anything outside.

Kai has gotten sooo much better with sharing (except for in the picture below), I'm very proud of him.

(Mommy, the koke-inator is going to suck on all my cars!) Yes, I did say koke-inator.
Koen is so content and I think a lot of it is that he can get to wherever he wants to go. He is very easy going and is happy with anyone and everyone. His only iffy time is from about 7-8pm where mommy is best. Koen is def. not a momma's boy like Kai was. He's an `anyone is my best friend' kind of guy. I wonder if that will change? I kind of like that I'm #1 in Kai's life....

Koen has enjoyed eating almost everything that we have given him, except for mangoes. He really loved the hamburger soup that I made and I just blended it up a bit. I love that he can feed himself and I think he is very good at it...he clears his tray very quickly:) He can eat a whole slice of bread (broken up) in just a few minutes.

I love this little guy sooo much and I don't want him to grow old too fast. It seems like the older they get, the faster it goes! I love this stage and look forward to the walking and the talking that is to come. So thankful for this little guy in my life.
Both of my boys have Gary's green eyes and brown hair. Koen's hair might be a bit lighter, we will see.

This isn't the right way to end this `month 8' post, but, our house is so full of boy-ness. Every day, there seems to be more and more. All we talk about are trucks, cars, diggers, airplanes, cars, cars, cars. How many times a day do I have to say, `Don't put the wagon on your brothers head' or `Don't drive your cars on your brothers face' etc. I have to walk around bracing myself to be jumped on or ran into. Good thing I'm not a girly girl but boy, I think I would really like a daughter. Putting her in dresses, pony tails in her hair, nail polish on her nails, speaking to eachother calmly and nicely......Love my boys more than I ever imagined but ya, I think a daughter would be the perfect addition to this home:) Hopefully one day! Watch me have twin boys.

(Kai still loves eating carrots all day long)
Oh boys.


  1. great post! amazing to read about Koen's mobility :)
    i'm not girly girl either, but i'm surprised how much i love dressing Taeya in dresses and doing her hair, etc :)
    hopefully you'll get that girl one day!

  2. Love this post. I laughed out at the "how many more times do I have to say" bit. Your boys are cuties and is becoming quite the funny guy. Love how he called Koen the koke-inator.

  3. Happy 8 months!!