Monday, September 14, 2009


Basically, I'm not any better yet. I went to my family doctor today and he tripled my dose of beta-blockers. He just said it might make me a little slower mentally and I'd say he's right:) I'm going to see him again on Thursday so he can see if it's working. The dose I was on did nothing. The lowest my heart rate has been was 99bpm. My hand shaking has also gotten a lot worse. I think it feels like I just had 15 coffees or something. Okay, onto other things....

Koen LOVES bath time and can now stand for long periods of time by himself. Here are some pictures of my cute little boy...

The picture below shows how cooperative the boys are at having their pictures taken with me. I'm posting this picture so you can see that my face is skinnier. Unfortunately, I will continue to lose weight. I say `unfortunately' because I don't want to, I feel very comfortable where I am. If I lose more, I will just end up gaining it later. I seriously eat about 6 meals a day.

Every night when I go to kiss Kai goodnight, I say a quick prayer that these boys will really love eachother. It's been hard seeing Kai be rough with Koen or say that he doesn't love him. Last week they were wrestling and Koen's hand ended up in Kai's mouth and Kai bit him. Kai has never bitten anyone EVER. I think I cried more than Koen. Kai was punished quite severely and I think he felt very bad. THe other day they did play nicely for about 5 minutes. They were playing doctor's office and Kai was Dr. Sudds and Koen was Dr. Suess (kinda funny hey?). Kai was getting mad at Koen for crawling out of the `office' (bunch of chairs in a circle) but they did giggle a lot together which was cute.

I get to cuddle with Kai for maybe 1 minute each day. He is not a cuddler. Here I am telling him a story about Lightning McQueen. This guy LOVES stories.

My view all day long...Koen wanting to be picked up. If I'm not around, he plays nicely. When he sees me, he starts whining.

Koen is wild and loves to be upside down and bounced around. I think I have myself two very active boys. And big eaters. Kai had 4 waffles for lunch today while his girl cousins each had one. Koen loves most food we give him and enjoyed a bunch of perogies for dinner tonight. He has started clapping a lot, it is very cute. He holds one hand stationary and brings the other hand to it.

Finally, Kai started swimming lessons today. Unfortunately we were a few minutes late getting there so he was a little frazzled and spent the first 5 minutes trying to get out of the pool. After that though, he did wonderfully!!! There are 3 other boys in the class which is perfect. He wasn't the best listener and when I asked him about it later he said he was and that, `Christy (his teacher) didn't have to count to three!'. I like that his teacher was a little more strict with him though. He put his ear and mouth in the water and did well with the splashing and jumping. He is so pumped to be going back tomorrow. I looked like such a dorky parent, I had a big smile on my face and didn't take my eyes off of him. He is def. the stockiest boy in the class.:)

Okay, off to bed with a bunch of meds. Hoping and praying that things get a bit better tomorrow!


  1. You certainly do have two cute little boys. I'm sure that they'll get along just fine (it took my older brother and I about 24 years, but we get along great!). As to your health concerns, know that I shall keep you in my thoughts and daily prayers.

  2. Still praying for you Louise. Hang in there. And by the way, your boys are cute cute cute!!!