Thursday, September 24, 2009


So my thyroid isn't getting any better so they put me on Propyl-Thyracil which slows down my thyroid (safe while breastfeeding!). The beta blockers I'm on make me feel so slow mentally. I have really noticed it in my spelling and grammar are way off. I feel like my eyelids are so heavy. I'm now taking both of these meds. I told my doctor I was supposed to go back to work in two months and he said not to worry, I should be all controlled by meds in one month. Okay, one more month. I can do this! He is making an appt for me at the endocrinologist (hormone doctor). Finally, I have no idea anymore what is my thyroid and what are the meds. I'm supposed to be taking note of when I go from hyper to hypo but it's so hard to tell with all these other symptoms. Mostly, I'll be looking for the symptom of feeling cold.

Today I was making cookies (for the first time in a long time!) and I didn't have enough eggs so I substituted it with a banana. Banana chocolate chip cookies do not taste good to me. At least Gary likes them. So ya, 1 egg=1/2 banana.

This is honestly my life folks...Kai jumping on me and Koen pulling out my hair or digging his hands into my mouth or nose. Love em. I guess one day they won't be doing this anymore and I'll miss it:)

Oh Kai bear. He looks SO much like Gary but acts so much like me. After preschool, I badgered him with questions...`What did you do?' `Who did you play with?' `Did you practice your song?' etc. Kai said, `Mommy, I need you to be quiet'. I asked him why. He said, `I just need time to myself.'. Wow. He sounds like me.

Two other things:
Kai on the couch...`I'm a little bit hungry over here!'
Kai putting his finger through his burger like a ring...`Don't I look fancy?'.

I'm try to really accept the fact that Kai is rough and that's okay. He's not doing it to be mean or to hurt someone. Yes, he likes to bug Koen but he doesn't want to hurt him. He will be the kid crashing the toy into someone else's and he thinks it fun to be rough, he's not trying to be mean. I'm getting it. Just takes time as I'm learning what little boys are like, I grew up with all girls. Also, Kai was a gentle little boy until he turned three a month ago and it all just happened at once. He loves body checking Koen and as long as he doesn't end up lying on top of Koen, I'll get used to it I guess.

Finally, this whole supply and demand thing for breastfeeding is a bit tough right now as Koen is sleeping through the night and I'm pretty much exploding every morning if you know what I mean. I try to pump out a bit before bed but it's a fine balance. Oh well, I've got lots of milk in the freezer for when I go back to work!

Better try sleeping. I love that both of the boys are fast asleep by 7:30pm each night...woohoo!!


  1. Sorry to hear you aren't really feeling better yet (in case it makes you feel any better, your spelling and grammar seem perfectly fine to me)! Hope everything goes OK with the game this weekend - take care of yourself. :) I am so sad to miss it.

  2. That first picture of you and Gary is my favourite one EVER! Totally love it. The next one too. Okay, and the last one of Kai.

  3. that picture of the boys climbing all over you looks familiar :)
    love that the boys are sleeping at 7:30 :)