Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Swimming and Clothes

Health: back to the doctor tomorrow. I did walk 3km today though...go me! I've been eating a lot more so I only lost 0.5 lbs last night. I feel so tired and I'm really sick of this. I want to play football! I think Gary can't wait for me to get better either because we've had leftovers all week.

(Koen looks so much like my baby pictures, I love it!!)
Kai: I'm really liking preschool and he is too:) We have to make a photo page together for his class photo album so I'm looking forward to that. He's also in swimming lessons right now. He's doing okay but boy, did I have to give him a talking to about listening. He kept wandering off trying to find toys. Today when they were supposed to hold onto Styrofoam floats and put their face in the water, he just kept walking up to the other boys and smashing his float into theirs. He loves being rough. The poor teacher has to say his name so many times during a class. I really hope this is just a stage because I don't want him to be disruptive or disrespectful in class. I think it's because I'm a teacher that I'm so paranoid about this. I do have to say that he is very good one on one.

(These guys are starting to play together a little more although they have to be closely monitored)
Koen: He has slept through the night 5 of the last 7 nights. He has also had 2 longer naps each day. Yippee!!! He is such a happy boy and loves any food we put in front of him. Today he had tuna casserole and kiwi. He giggles about almost anything and is such a sweet little boy. He has discovered the toilet and Kai is very good about making sure Koen doesn't do bad things:)

(Isn't Koen such a cute little goofball? Kai likes to crawl and have Koen follow him)
Craigslist: I was looking for size 4 clothes for Kai and found someone selling 200+ pieces of clothes sizes 4-7. I went and checked it out and bought it. Wowsers. Everything was GAP, Nike, Children's Place, Old Navy etc., great quality stuff. Some things had only been worn once, some still had tags. Awesome condition. Columbia winter jackets, Nike runners, etc. I'd say it was at least $2000.00 worth of clothes and I got it for $250.00. I have been busy washing and organizing clothes all day. There are actually too many clothes so I am selling some items:) I've got more than enough clothes for Kai for the next three years! I love that Koen gets to wear the clothes too, it makes it feel so much more worthwhile.

(These boys love wrestling with daddyo!)
All right, I've got some wedding pictures to edit. Better get on it. If I said something that didn't make sense, please excuse it. The meds make me confused and a little slow:) Bon nuit!


  1. what an awesome fine on craigslist! i'm in need of clothes for asher soon and will remember to check it out. your boys are so cute together! i'm looking forward to when asher will have a playmate in the next year :)

  2. Love these shots of Koen. He is precious and adorable.