Friday, September 04, 2009


*This blog was posted Sunday*

Koen has started to make a lot more sounds and in his repertoire is `dada'! Soooo cute. He doesn't know what he is saying but he knows it makes us smile:) When I try to get him to say `mama', he just says, `mmmmm'.

(Kai telling Koen which direction to go...I just like it because it shows how funny it looks when he puts on his own undies and pants)
Koen is being a bit of a pain in the butt going to bed now, we just let him cry for about 20 minutes. He is still feeding twice in the night which is crazy to me since he eats so much all day long!

(Kai trying to be like a baby...the other day I caught him sucking on the computer cord trying to be like Koen)
Yesterday Kai said, `Mommy, this bed is stressing me out!'. Oh boy, kids are sponges. I don't know when I've said this lately because being at home is not stressful at all. Teaching is. Home can be tiring and sometimes boring, but not stressful.

We did our first torrential down pour wedding yesterday (Saturday) up at Grouse Mountain. I'd say 90% of the pictures are indoor and the rest are basically right up against the building. It was way too wild out to even use umbrellas. I think we managed to get some good photos. I also had a maternity shoot last night which went well.

I love this stage...8 months old is a lot of fun!

I've had a lot muscle and back pain, hot flashes, rapid heart rate, along with more weight loss. Of course with my genes, I let my mind think that something is really wrong with me. Is it normal to lose weight without trying? I lost another pound in the last day. I've never lost weight like that in my life. And nope, not pregnant:) I just feel like I'm running on empty which is probably due to my lack of sleep and inability to just relax. I don't feel healthy, my body feels very blah. And yes, I am eating properly and exercising regularly. Oh well, maybe I'll have a good night sleep and all will be well.

(Kai at a very weird angle...)
Today I really realized how exhausting it is having a 3 year old. He is physically easy to take care of, but mentally...phew. A billion `why?' questions need to be answered daily and hourly disciplinary measures are taken. Yes, hourly. He loves to hurt his little brother by pushing him to the ground or driving cars on his head. I feel like we have a lot of `Full House' discussions, you know, the last 5 minutes of the show where the cheesy music comes on? We talk about how we have to share and how we have to love eachother etc. Several times he has said to me `I don't love Koen' which leads into a long talk about how God made everyone and we need to love everyone. Yes, even strangers. I look forward to the day where they will be little buddies.
Okay, time to fold some laundry with Gary and relax:)


  1. drink lots of water!! Maybe the reason you are losing weight is because Koen is eating more food? My body hangs on to the FAT until I hit a certain lower level of milk production, so maybe yours is the same?? If you keep losing weight go tell your doctor, but most likely you are reaping the benefits of an increased metabolism, which you have been slaving away trying to create for months!!!
    And in one day we all fluctuate some, so a pound in a day isn't that unusual.

  2. I find that while I am nursing I can only run twice a week as I tend to lose too much weight. It just sucks the life out of me. I am curious to see what happens when I wean Mikayla as I have always been pregnant again when I weaned so I am not sure if I will end up gaining weight or not. Take care of yourself!