Tuesday, September 08, 2009


1. Kai had 3 pieces of french toast for lunch and 5 minutes later said that he was hungry for a snack. I've got a house full of big eaters.
2. I think I have a flu that does not include coughing or vomiting. Every muscle is so sore, it even hurts to roll my eyes. I feel like my bones are shaking. It does not help that I am not sleeping more than 4 hours in a row. Grrrrr. I lost ANOTHER pound last night which puts me at 2lbs away from my weight when I was 18-26 years old. I have never felt this kind of sick before. At least I'm not nauseous. I am not even going for walks these days, it would destroy me.
3. We had 3 photo shoots this weekend...BUSY!!! Check em out here. I hope I'm better by next Saturday when we have another wedding.
4. Kai starts preschool on Thursday and I am soooo excited for him, I know he will love it. He is not nervous about it at all and is looking forward to it.
5. Kai says we need to buy a quieter vacuum so he can hear when he is watching `his' tv. Makes it sound like I'm always vacuuming and he's always watching tv.
6. After watching `Cake Boss' last night, I had to make a cake today. So good.
7. Today Kai said that daddy was his favourite. This made me a little sad because he's always been a momma's boy. However, when I asked him why, he said it was because daddy spins him. If that's what it takes, I can do it:)
8. Trying to find daycare for Kai and Koen for December-June. Can you say stressful??? Does anyone know of anyone fabulous in the Clayton Heights area? Do I even attempt to find someone via craigslist? Seems so sketchy to me.
9. I have Kai signed up for swimming lessons next week. I'm pretty sure he'll fail because there's no way he'll submerge his head. Oh well, it will still be fun. Maybe I can practice with him at home by having him put his head in a bowl of water:)
10. One more kid to go to bed and I'm gonna lay on the couch and have some cake. Don't sound sick do I? You should see me. Not pretty.
11. Gary made carrot buns...very good!


  1. sorry you are sick!! sounds aweful! get better soon...

  2. Sorry that you are feeling sick. Not fun. Carrot buns sound interesting?

  3. I'm sorry you're feeling so crappy! Maybe cake is just what you need.