Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kai Bear

When I asked Kai what he wanted to do today, he said `Take pictures!'. This pretty means he runs around wildly in the basement for about 5 minutes while I try to get pictures of him as he runs by the studio lights. We got a new soft box (happy anniversary Gary) so it was good to try it out. Talking about new purchases, we also got a new tripod as our old one was damaged on Gary's last hiking trip. Apparently it was damaged beyond repair. Hmmm. Tripods are not cheap. And yes Gary, I know I should've used the other light too as there are shadows on his face. Let's pretend I did it on purpose. So, here are some pictures of my cutie Kai.
The other day, we were driving home from the beach and Kai had to pee. We pulled over on a remote road and Kai got to pee standing up (he usually sits). When we got back in the van, he said, `I love peeing on the road. I am so happy about that.'
(Dressed just like daddy....sports shorts and a white T-shirt. These are his fav. shorts and he asks to wear them every day)
Gary asked what was in a gumbo I made this week and one of the ingredients was cayenne pepper and Kai said, `Ya daddy, I'm in there!' (Kai and pepper)

When I told Kai he was such a good pee-er (how do you spell that word?), he said, `Mommy, YOU are the best pee-er in the whole wide world!' Wow, go me!

Today he said, `Mommy, I'm very mad at you' when I didn't give him a banana. I wasn't upset that he said that because he said it very calmly and I liked that he was telling me how he felt rather than going into a temper tantrum. I LOVE that I can talk with him about everything.

I `caught' Kai rubbing Koen's head the other day. This is a big step. He never touches his brother or really talks to him all that much. He does love to go into Koen's room with me when Koen has woken up to go and get him. I look forward to the day when they can play together. Right now, Kai just takes Koen's rings away. What almost 3 year old wants to play with rings? Silly boy.

(This picture is my favourite)
We've been talking a lot about strangers. Kai is very friendly and loves talking to people and asking them questions. He is not shy at all. The other day Gary told Kai to go in the house and he went to the front yard and Gary found him talking to a lady about her dog. We were talking about how if someone takes him, he is allowed to scream and hit and punch and do whatever he wants to that stranger. Kai said he was going to pinch the stranger with his pliers. Whatever works.

Kai is so in love with his trucks, cars and trains. I would say this is the longest that he has been interested in a particular type of toy. I've had to learn a lot about various bulldozers, diggers, excavators etc. He knows the difference between a Dodge Caravan (Ani's van), a Toyota Sienna (Gramma's van) and a Honday Oddysey (our van) and likes to point it out everytime we see a van. This is something I never thought about growing up. This is very tiring.
In just a couple more months, Kai will be 3 years old. I don't think he wants to turn three because we've talked about how he might not be able to suck his thumb anymore when he's three. I think the next stage, preschool, will be an interesting one. He will seem so grown up to me then. Oh boy, and then kindergarten! Okay, one day at a time....

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  1. He has such a big smile. You got some great photos!