Sunday, May 24, 2009

Chapmans at Crescent Beach

We tried to get some Chapman family photos yesterday at Crescent Beach. We did them at 4pm so here are some very sunny, bright, shadowy pictures:) Next time, 7:30pm...

Me and my boys

Daddy bear

Gramma and Grandpa

Todd, Karen and the kids

Brent, Pam and the kids

All of us

I'd say Kai is not the biggest fan of pictures. Could be his age or the fact that I probably take pictures of him every day...

Nine Chapman grandkids

Kai loving his blue mustache.

Gramma and Kieryn

My favourite of the kids (not edited, can you see my hand holding Kai's hands down? He kept trying to cover his face)


  1. I love it. It is so cool to see all the kids tearing up turf. You guys look super happy. Can't wait to photog ourselves at the beach when we are in Abbotsford in Summer. Maybe you guys can snap a couple of us so I don't always have to hide my hand and struggle with the remote shutter. Hard to smile and operate that badboy at the same time.

  2. those are great!! I love all the blues and greens.

  3. gorgeous! i like the colours too, and all the grandkid shots. well done.