Monday, May 11, 2009

Freedom; The Overlapping Nap

Each day, I get the kids to nap at the same time so that I have an hour to blog or exercise. Ah, love it!!! We had a busy weekend. Friday, Gary took the kids to my game and even hand painted some signs. Bonus points to Gary! More bonus points for the Mother's Day post Gary wrote. I was surprised to open my blog and see something there that I didn't post!

Kai with his new friend Mandeep.

The huddle

They double rushed me the entire time which meant I couldn't run or do any hand offs and had to make a bunch of just really short plays.

I'm still really enjoying playing but its def. a little frustrating that we haven't had a win in a while.

`That way Mommy!'

Kai and I watching auntie Trish play some defense

Then, we went to Noah's 2nd birthday. Kai had a great time running around and eating pizza and cake. Terri, Noah's mom, just had her second boy via planned C-section so we're def. in the same `Two boys via C-section' club:)

Okay, I need to talk about each kiddo here.
Oh boy. So, I've been keeping him up for 2 hours so that he goes longer than 2.5 hours between feeds. He now eats every 3 hours. Phew. He was sleeping from about 9pm until 4 am for about 3 weeks. However, he is now going to bed at 9pm and getting up at 12am, 3am, 5am and then 7am for the day. I've been feeding him because he's hungry. This has been going on for almost 2 weeks and I am tired!!! I can't nap (mentally I can't let myself sleep in the daytime because there is `so much to do').

(Koen eating Kai's hand. I had to bribe Kai to sit with Koen. He truly has showed no interest in him and asks my dad to take Koen to his house.)
I tried giving him some rice cereal as well as pears but he is not into it. It took Kai about a month to get into it so I will be patient. I know some people put rice cereal mixed with breast milk into a bottle but he won't take a bottle from me, only Gary. Did you know that a lot of rice cereal has skim milk in it? Not so good if he has milk allergies. I don't know if he does but me being off dairy has helped him. He was spitting up a lot this weekend but it could be that we forgot to give him his BioGaia drops OR its the new solid foods we are giving him. I just changed his 8th dirty diaper of the day, and its just 2pm. I think by now things should've slowed down in that department.

I was reading old posts and saw that Kai slept 7pm til 7am when he was about 6 months so I just have to wait 2 more months and hope that Koen is similar! Koen is a really easy baby to take anywhere. He doesn't fuss and if you are holding him, he will fall asleep without crying much at all. He is easily amused and loves to giggle and laugh with people.
It seriously seems as though Koen is yearning for Kai to care about him. One day.
So, not sure if this is the terrible two's all of a sudden or if this is what a three year old is like but ya, not pretty. I'd say that there were two days this week where I found him extremely annoying. He has behaved in ways that he knows are completely unacceptable. He says rude things to Gary and I and this morning, he slapped me in the face twice. He hasn't done that since he was 1.5 years old. Time outs generally work because he doesn't like being there but I'm thinking we may have to take it up a notch and take his best friend in the entire world, Bubi (the blankie) away for a certain period of time.

(Still being bribed to be even close to his brother)
I don't know if its jealousy or being over tired or what it could possibly be. We are trying to figure out the perfect amount of nap time for him. If he naps 2 hours, he's up til 9pm. If he doesn't nap, he is a monster. One hour, mini monster. I'm a little stressed because Gary is gone on a hiking trip. Between the lack of sleep and Kai driving me nuts, I'm not sure what is going to happen! Well, better wake Kai up so he actually sleeps tonight....


  1. I find the whole behavior thing runs in cycles. We will have a week that is horrible and then a week that is great. The challenges are constant, just changing. It can be so draining, especially with a little one to also take care of. The nap/sleep thing is tricky. Both my kids stopped napping at 2 as I preferred a bit of crankiness in the afternoon and an early bedtime. Sean works late so I an often putting the kids to bed myself so this works for us. We do have quiet time though.

  2. Oh you are a lucky Mama! Shaylah dropped her nap right around her 2nd birthday. Keep it up as long as you can! A napping toddler is a blessing you don't want to give up too quickly. :) I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

  3. Koen is such a cutie -though I didn't like reading about the night feedings.. that's the one thing I'm dreading about this next babe. We had our ultrasound today but unlike in Calgary we have to wait to hear the gender from our doc. Mike is having a tough time waiting! Good luck with the sleep!

  4. I love the football pictures...we are due for some wins soon!