Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Kai: Mommy, do you know how to drive an airplane?
Me: No, I don't know how.
Kai. Oh. Well, you can fly a paper airplane, right?

Kai was a good boy yesterday. Phew. He had a playdate with 2 other three year old boys and had a blast. Koen has been way more irritable than normal, even arching his back again after a feed which is so strange. It's not because of any solid foods either because he didn't want them a few days ago. My weigh in tomorrow is not going to be good. Gary being gone all week has meant that I'm `on' from 6am til 10pm with very little time to exercise. In other news, my dad got engaged. I was going to give a separate post but I don't have too much to say about it. I'm happy for him and Joanne. I'm glad that Joanne knew my mom (when they were all teenagers! My dad even dated Joanne when they were 15, before he dated my mom) and that she respects our feelings about our mom and isn't trying to replace her. I'm glad she said yes.


  1. Joanne7:58 AM

    Thank you Louise for sharing our news in your special place.
    Your Dad is so very proud of you all.
    I feel very blessed and am looking forward to sharing many happy moments with your family.
    Phew..... finally a babysitter who, unlike your Dad, does not mind poopy pants!

  2. I am happy that you are happy!

  3. hang in there, babe. don't be too hard on yourself with gary being gone and not having time to exercise; you can always do it next week. The exercise ball isn't going anywhere, proverbially speaking... :p

    thanks for sharing some of kai's birth story in my comments on my blog post re: UC. I appreciate you being willing to share!
    I love birth stories. And there are so many different ones out there.

    I remember you posted re: (a) relating well to other women who had c-sections; I can relate! Before A was born I loved the vag births on TLC but afterwards I would turn them off and only watch the c-section births because I really liked being able to reevaluate my experience within a community framework of women who had had similar experiences.
    (b) not knowing anyone who laboured all the way to 10 cm and then had a friend Dawn laboured for 48 hours until getting to 10, then pushed for several hours, had her OB get out 3 different sets of forceps because every time she went to use them the baby had turned (she was a vicious wiggler) and she needed a different kind of forcep for each position...
    then when the baby turned a fourth time the OB said that she really recommended a section because the baby couldn't remain in the same position long enough for her to get the proper set of forceps on and the OB would rather do the controlled damage of a section than the uncontrolled damage that might happen should she use the wrong set of forceps or the baby fight the forceps on the way out (damage to Dawn from the forceps, not damage to the baby).
    So she had a section after labouring for 2 days and getting to 10.
    Also, my friend Caryn commented on my UC post with HER birth story, and she got to 10 and had a section too.
    So, 2 plus you
    you're not alone.

    Also, I made your veggie burgers tonight for supper: big hit! Thanks!