Thursday, May 28, 2009

Koen aka Kokoes

Oh Koen. He is seriously such a good little/big boy. If you hold him, he's happy. I mean, he can play by himself for half an hour too but if he gets fussy, just pick him up and play/talk with him and he's good.

He's up way too much at night. He's up twice because he's hungry and twice because he's pooped. For almost a month he was sleeping a good 6-7 hours in a row. I'm hoping the rice cereal will slow him down in the department. I usually end up feeding him each time I'm in his room and I'm not going to feed him after a diaper change any more. He wakes up in the morning and isn't hungry because he's pigged out all night.

(Where am I? What is going on?)
He doesn't like any `solid' foods but I'm really encouraging him with this as one day he's going to have to take it:)
(Mommy, what are you doing?! )

I love this little guy. He makes me smile and never mad. He's just so squishy and yummy and silly. I can change him right after a feed now without him spitting up. I tried eating some yogurt and cheese and I noticed a bit more spitting up so I really don't know about him and sister and niece are lactose intolerant and I believe it's genetic so we will see.

He stares at Kai and yearns for his attention and I can't wait til these guys interact a little more, preferably in a positive way!

I guess this is the stage where an infant gets easy for me...around 5 months. This is where you forget about the morning sickness, weight gain, extreme fatigue, sore pelvis, contractions, C-section, engorgement, major lack of sleep etc and think...just one more...just one more:)


  1. he is so sweet. one more.........hee hee.........listen to you.......I would love one more too but I know Sean wouldn't agree.

  2. He has the BEST facial expressions!