Monday, May 18, 2009

Green Lake

This weekend, the entire Dekens family minus my littlest sis, went up to my dad's `cabin' (a 2 storey house) at Green Lake. Kai travelled amazingly well in the van and Koen, well, he slept a lot (phew) but when he was awake he was screaming. On the first night, my dad and my sis' went out for dinner at 100 Mile House and here we are pigging out on the best peanut butter pie we've ever had.

Kai LOVED Green Lake and didn't want to go home.

My first Seadoo lesson. I'll be honest, I was a little freaked out by the waves (which are not in this picture). Made me respect my dad taking it up to Alaska a little more (he took the Seadoo from White Rock to Alaska last summer).

My little boy loving the big boy toys.

We got pretty soaked in the kayak, he wasn't such a fan. He doesn't mind being dirty but does NOT like being wet.

Tons of hawks and eagles out there

Kai didn't want to leave this morning because he wanted just one more ride on the motorcycle.

Koen needed to be held a lot which made him seem like more work than he really is. The first night, he refused to sleep anywhere but on Gary's chest. Fortunately Gary can sleep anywhere at anytime. It was tough having all 4 of us in one room, especially because Kai, Koen and myself all have colds. Koen had to sleep in his car seat because he just couldn't breathe properly lying down. Poor little guy. The second night, Koen and I shared a room and Gary and Kai shared. Much better.

Gary's lesson. Later on Gary and I went out together. I have to say that I'm not the biggest Seadoo fan, although, I was not driving and usually I like the control:)

Kai LOVES his Opi

These guys had a blast together

I'm surprised Ani let him even get this close. She doesn't appreciate the hug from Kai. At least he wasn't tackling her.

Ani and Kai had so much fun on the lawnmower with Opi. They weren't even cutting the grass, they just drove around and around. They had to do it again this morning before we left. Good thing Opi has so many fun toys!

I haven't been on a bike since I was 16 but once I got going it was a lot of fun. Probably not appropriate footwear.

Auntie Jackie and Uncle Tyler with the kiddos.

Overall, great weekend. I really hope we get better soon. Looking forward to next year with the addition of Trish, Steve and Joanne!


  1. i love the chocolate on jackies teeth in the first pic.

  2. What a great weekend, and so many big toys, looks like you had a good time (even with a cold)

  3. I think we finished that cake in about 2 minutes. Best cake ever!!! It was a nice weekend. Everyone had fun and weather was great.

  4. Joanne9:36 PM

    Looks like you all had a great time. The start of good memories for the Opi lovers. The PB pie is the greatest, yum

  5. Looks like such a fun time!!!

    I don't believe you had a cold- you look so pretty and sparkly in that first photo!

    I loved the photos of Kai & Ani together.

  6. Well, I was going to say pretty much exactly what Dana said. You are so photogenic, Louise! In that first picture you can really tell that you've lost weight. And I adore that first picture of Kai and Ani - so adorable! Also, I can't believe your dad went all the way to Alaska on a Seadoo - wow!

  7. Kai's sweet little face on Rambo's body is just wrong ;)
    Peanut butter pie?!?!? They make such a thing? Wow! I have been missing out!

  8. I know...chocolate loves my teeth...errr!!!
    very cute photos Weezer!!! (and Gary).

  9. LOVE the photos of Kai and Ani. Especially the one of them giggling. Adorable.