Thursday, May 07, 2009

Week 4: Journey to Being Fit Again

Had my `last chance workout' last night (if you watch The Biggest Loser you know what I mean) and I'm surprised by how much weight I lost this week because last week was a big one.

Weight Loss: 1.4 lbs (total of 5.8.lbs)

Body fat percent loss: 0.5% (total of 1.1%)

I feel strange. I've had stages in my life where I worked out a lot harder but it was always to get in shape and not to lose weight. From the ages of 22-26 my weight did not change. I've never actively tried to lose weight but it's working. I am working out 6 days a weeks so I'm glad that there are results. I haven't changed my eating all that much so I'm glad that the exercise is doing it. I love working out and am so thankful that I am able to find time in my day to do it. Just 5.2 lbs left til preKoen weight...I'm thinking this is possible!

Please feel free to leave me a `Way to go!' or `Good stuff!':)


  1. Great job. 6 days a week!!!! You are a superstar!!

  2. no really, WAY TO GO!!!!
    can you share some of your tips? What exactly are you doing to see results like this?

  3. way to go!
    good stuff!
    you are a rock star!