Saturday, May 02, 2009

4 Months Old

My baby is 4 months old! Wowzers, that last month flew by. I have to say that things are getting really fun and (dare I say it) easy. He still eats every 2.5 hours and at least once at night (usually 3:30am). He gets his shots this Tuesday so I'll give his stats then but when I weighed him yesterday he was 17lbs 5oz. This is a whole pound lighter than Kai was at this age.
I will be the first to admit that he is a little goofy looking. Can I say that? I think goofy is cute. Just like nerdy is cool. He's just makes me laugh as he seems to be enjoying life so much. I'm so curious to see what he likes at Kai's age. I can already tell that they are SO different. I LOVE different! Below is a picture of Kai at 4 months.
Koen has also started sucking his thumb which I'm actually happy about...great self soother:)

His thighs are the pudgiest ones ever. He is one strong boy. Also, when I went to get him this morning, he had turned from his stomach to his back. When he saw me, he was just smiling away with a look that said `Look what I did mommy!'. Tonight when we put him down for bed, I heard some strange babbling coming from the monitor so I checked on him and he had turned over again.

Feeling the grass for the first time.

We haven't planted much in our garden yet so Kai has loved playing in the mud and dirt. Yuck. We've decided to build a new huge planter box to grow blueberries this year and I'm excited about it.

It's really too bad that Koen can't sit in the Bumbo more than 5 minutes, it just puts too much pressure on his tummy. I guess by the summer he will be sitting up by himself and that will make things so much easier.
Kokoes, we are SO happy you are in our lives. You bring us so much laughter and many smiles. I look forward to the day when you and Kai can play together (or even when Kai begins to acknowledge you a little more!). You are just such a character already and we are so thankful for you! Yay for boys. Yay for 4 months!


  1. I think adorable cute!! Happy 4 months! What a sweet strong boy you are!

  2. He def. has solid features, lil' Koen! He's cute, I'd say!!

  3. So cute! Four months already!! Yeah, I always find they turn a corner between 3 and 4 months and become more about lovey dovey fun and less about survival work...

    So awesome.

    Happy four months, koen!

    Where did you get your topsy turvy tomato planters? I love that idea so much I'm going to copy it!!