Thursday, May 14, 2009


My nieces are over today. I feel like I forgot how fun it was to take pictures of other kids besides my own. I forgot how much I love taking pictures of girls with their pigtails, skirts and leggings. I think kid photography is my favourite, especially as they play, and I hope one day to be able to do it a lot more.

Ani looks so much like her auntie Trisha did when she was little in the picture below. I think it helps that she has pigtails in because Trish had them for years:)

Two kids are napping and two are probably getting soaking wet playing with all the toys and the kiddie pool just outside the door. I should probably get out there before Kai soaks Ani.

Check out those eyes!


  1. Here's your comment " those girls are cute:O)"

  2. CUTIE PIES!!! :)
    nice Photos, Weezer!

  3. Your nieces are VERY cute and I love your photography. Our camera broke and I am really missing taking (mediocre) photos. They're better than none! What a gift to the skill of photography. I'm hoping Andrey will learn more, as he seems more interested out of the two of us and is particularly inspired by both Gary's and Andrew's photography skills. Since he doesn't cook (thankfully I really enjoy it), then I may just have to put on the pressure for him to get better at photography so we can have more nice shots like you guys! I love how your posts are full of photos. I feel like I'm letting my readers down these days. No photos. We're shopping for a new camera and will buy one this summer when we're in N America.

  4. I think Annika looks like Maria!