Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Nana Jo and Opi

Yesterday, I dropped off the boys and Nana Jo and Opi's house for the day. The plan was that the boys were going to make a gingerbread barn and they were soooo excited. I was excited to have 8 hours to myself for I think the first time? Just me. Thank you Nana Jo for taking pictures while the boys were there!
I have to say that I love traditions and I love people just spending time with my kids. They don't need presents or gifts, just great memories. I hope that their grandparents are around for years and years so that they can maintain these great relationships and have even more great memories.
My dad has always made a point of taking Kai out for coffee. He comes in his sports car and brings him to the local Wired Monk where Kai gets hot chocolate and a cookie. Usually there is a Princess Auto or Home Depot stop in there too. It is so special to Kai and he loves that one on one time with Opi.
My dad and Nana Jo live about 45 minutes away so we don't really go there often (and they travel a lot!!) but the boys always love it there.
What did I do with my time? I got a blood test (without the kids running around the lab!), went for a run, bought a board game to donate (Kai's preschool does it and it's so good), visited with a friend (without my kids running around!), and worked. The house was lonely without them and I missed them. Three hours was good but after that, I missed them. I also found that without the pressure of `Okay, I have 1.5 hours to work as Koen is sleeping', I didn't work very hard. If Gary had been home, we could've gone on a date!

Thank you Nana Jo and Opi for taking the boys and creating memories. They had a fabulous time and now I get to hear them ask to eat the barn for the next 3 weeks:)


  1. I like the idea of a Gingerbread "Barn" - especially for boys! What a nice day for all of you!

  2. what great memories! I don't even have kids yet but look forward to being a grandma! Guess I'd better get on that! lol :)

  3. you're so blessed to have so much family close to you! What a great day. And I say just let them eat the barn, over and done with!