Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Gary and I had a wedding just past Pemberton (which is a half hour past Whistler). We had about an hour to spend at Whistler on the way up and again on the way down. Obviously it would be nicer if we had a free day to ski or snowshoe or just hike day.
We definitely need to get away, just the two of us, at least once per year. The last two times have been for weddings (which doesn't count because we are just working and exhausted), but in March we did have a holiday. I guess we should make sure we get another in before we bring home a baby (which I'm thinking will happen October 2011...not for any reason, just a feeling.).
Gary's parents had the kiddos and they all had a good time. Kai has an extreme case of pink eye and I brought him to the doctor right away. They made us wait in the car and they let him take home the toy he had picked up at the doctor's office because they didn't want his germs. Kai was pumped about that as it was an Optimus Prime that lights up. Getting drops in his eye is a two man mission. He screams like we're torturing him but there's just no other way. We tried it the nice way and it didn't work. I'm assuming Koen will get it too as Kai is contagious for another 5 days still. Kai looks terrible but fortunately he feels okay. I'm so sick and tired of our family being so sick and tired. I'm still not completely over my cold that I started 3 weeks ago.
Anyway, so happy to be home safe and sound. There's no place like home. I missed home cooked meals. I missed my boys.

Have a wonderful evening.
Love, Louise


  1. nice that you two got away for a bit and go on a bit of a road trip!!

  2. so good to get away :)
    hope Kai's pink eye clears up's not fun.