Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Get Fit: Week One Check In

How did you all do? What kind of exercise did you do? Meal changes? What did the scale say (last night or today?)
Exercise: I worked out a minimum of 40 minutes per day, for 6 days. It was mostly elliptical as we have one in our house and I'm trying to work up some kind of fitness level before running more and getting back to my Jillian Michael's workout:)
Food: I thought a lot more about what I was eating and was pretty smart about it. I snacked on carrots, apples and oranges instead of cookies and muffins. I did allow myself one small `treat' per day (home made hot chocolate, piece of chocolate etc).
Fitness: I feel much better already. Running up the stairs feels easier already. I went for a 15 minute jog and it was great!
Scale: Okay, so you first have to understand that I'm not normal. My Graves' Disease makes my body weight fluctuate drastically depending on my hormones. For example, in two weeks from now, I will normally put on about 5lbs so it will be interesting to see if I can keep it off/prevent any weight gain. From one week ago, I have lost 4lbs. This whole trying to get fit while having GD is going to be a whole new experience for me, that's for sure!

Can't wait to hear about your week!! Let me know!!


  1. You are off to a great start! Way to go!

  2. Week one update: I have not done well with changing my eating habits, but I did join a gym. I found a gym that has childcare associated with it, so it is perfect for me. So far I have been running 5km at a time, but my goal is to get up to 10km...as long as my knees will allow me to. Week one goal of getting more active was achieved and the scale told me I was down 1.5 pounds this morning. Next week, I am going to tackle my eating habits. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Tyler's week one check in:

    35min weight lifting 2/week
    1 hour walk 3/week

    1. smaller dinner size
    2. cutting back on afternoon snacking (not easy)
    3. I've cut out my café beverages - three times a week I would usually have an eggnog latte (470cal), a modified smoothie (390cal), and an Espresso Con Panna (approx. 75cal) for a total calorie reduction of 2805cal.
    4. Increasing my water intake

    Moving forward:
    1. I need to increase my higher-intensity exercise (ex. running)
    2. I need to make further progress in reducing my snacking

    Looking forward to Week Two Check In... keep up the good work Louise!

  4. Marsalie-awesome!! So glad you could find something with childcare, great solution. Way to go with running 5km already. Ten km sounds like a great goal!!
    Tyler-way to go! THe beverage reduction must be hard considering where you spend so many hours:) I like the moving forward goals...I'll have to do that this week.
    Everyone-this whole holiday baking thing is going to make it tough!!!

  5. Anonymous4:02 PM

    Well, I did great with changing my eating habits and not so great with getting more active. I have a gym membership that I don't use due to the cost of childcare. I managed to get 2 walks in and the scale showed a 2lb weight loss. I have lost 12lbs so far towards a 40lb goal. So excited to see the changes the weeks ahead bring, let week 3 begin!

  6. oh, i'm not impressed with my first week. i actually brought sugar BACK into my diet after 3 weeks off, and didn't exercise as much as I should have. HOWEVER, this week i have already had 2 good workouts and plan to pull up my boot straps, so to speak, and be more disciplined. i'm motivated to hear how other people are making changes :)

  7. Thanks for checking in...Sara, how was your week?!