Thursday, December 02, 2010

23 months

My baby is almost 2. Wow. It's such a crazy feeling because I miss having a baby but at the same time, I'm thankful to have a toddler. Koen has recently exhibited some two year old type behaviour where he will fall on the ground when he doesn't want to do something or he will say `no' a lot. For example when he was frustrated with me, I started singing `Take Me Out to the Ball Game' and I always leave blanks for him. This time, I said, `Buy me some peanuts and...' and he said `NO CRACKERJACKS'.

He is obsessed with colours. All day long pointing and saying `Yellow. Green. Purple. Blue. White'. He is right maybe half the time:)

From 6-7pm, he is all about cuddles, hugs and kisses. For everyone. I love it!! Anytime he hears music he says `Party! Dance! Party! Dance!' and does his little moves. So cute. I do it have it on video and should spend some time figuring out our new 7D's video capabilities.
He weighs 29lbs. His eczema is under control, and has been for months. We never use soap on him and we always use eczema skin care on him when we bath him. We try to limit chocolate and oranges because those seem to make it worse. The one thing that is really tough on his skin, is the pool. He will break out so badly after that...but he loves it so much.
He has broken out into a lot of words, but not more than 3 words together usually. He loves pairs and looks for them everywhere. `Two trees!' `Two tractors!' `Two boys!'. His joke is then to say,`Two mommies!' and he thinks he's hilarious.

This month, he started using a pillow and blanket and night. Now, he `needs' it all the time. He loves to play `night night' and will gather all of his stuff into the toddler bed which is in his room, but he doesn't use yet. We tried it. Didn't work:) He has become a much heavier sleeper so I am less worried about Kai and Koen sharing a room when our baby comes home (whenever that may be).
The boys grow closer and closer each month and are actually quite respectful of each other. I am very impressed with them and their ability to work together. I hope and pray they will always be close. I'm currently making his 2nd year slideshow and boy, it's been a wonderful year getting to know this monkey. He is amazing.

We love you so much Koen.


  1. He's so cute! Owen is totally in the 'no' stage too... he says it all the time. When he counts for hide and seek he says 'one two one two one two one two many', that's as far as he goes. With his colours, everything is always green. One day they'll figure it out :) It's fun to watch though!

  2. SO cute!!! isn't it great watching the sibling bond grow? :)

  3. What a sweetie. I love the pictures!