Saturday, December 11, 2010

On Being Sick

So, we all have the lovely virus that is going around. Nasty colds with terrible coughs...can't stop them and they are just deep in the chest. Kai had to miss `Gingerbread House Day' at preschool and may have to miss singing in front of church tomorrow. He doesn't care about not singing in front of church, but I do:)

Anyway, I wouldn't mind the suckiness of it except for the fact that my kids and husband (and perhaps I) are grumpy. And seriously, all I want to do is lay in bed with a book, movie, and non stop warm beverages (rotating between tea with honey and hot chocolate). You cannot just `lay in bed' when you have two kids and your husband is at a basketball tournament. I tried laying in bed today for 20 minutes and the kids jumped all over me having a `dance party' and then when I kicked them out, they destroyed Koen's room.

Also, the fact that Gary just broke off the turn signal/headlight handle thingy to the car doesn't make me any less grumpy.

Hope you are all healthy!!
Love, Louise


  1. Get well soon Team Chapman. Let us know when the quarantine is lifted ;)

  2. blech :(
    i DO like your stay-in-bed with rotating drinks idea though. if it were just you and Gary that were sick, the kids could be shipped to a family member's for the day! :)

  3. Poor Louise...

    I'm all about the non-stop pixar and disney marathons for Silas, when I am sick.

    I would make you a hot chocolate it I lived closer you poor thing.