Monday, December 13, 2010

Looking Up!

I'd say we are all well on the road to feeling better, except for Koen. He is in the depth of it right now, poor bubs. He is handling it well but looks like a mess with his runny, raw nose and eczema covered chin:)

We did go to church for the first 30 minutes so Kai could sing with his class and we could see our nephew's baptism. Kai spoke into the microphone and LOVED it. He said a few things in the mic to Jayden (nephew); `J-dog, I hope you weren't scared when you went in the water!' `I'm proud of you' `Everyone is so happy, I wonder why?'.
{He's doing `Go Tell It On the Mountain' here. They also did `Mary had a baby boy' to the tune of Mary had a little lamb.}
I went on the elliptical for 20 minutes this morning, the first time in almost a week. It sucks being out of commission for a week. Oh well, that's life and it could've been worse.
I went through some old posts and have to say that I'm pretty proud of myself/us for the basement reno. Seriously, that was a whole lot of work!!! So glad it is done (few odds and ends still) and now we just get to decorate that blank canvas down there.
{Not quite done...need to hang up the toilet paper holder and get a garbage can etc.}
Tomorrow I am getting snow tires put on the van. It is soooooooooooooooo much money and normally I just wouldn't drive if it was snowing, but, we still have two more December weddings and one in January so there isn't an option. If it's snowing on the day, we still gotta do it! I did get them on sale through Costco's website but still...yikes. It is a write off for the business so that helps I guess.

Question for you: Kai has been watching Transfomers every day with Gary at 6:30pm. Do you think he's too young? I never watch it because I find it so boring but last night I watched for a minute and realized it's actually all violence (dude, I grew up with 4 sisters, so I've never seen it before!). Now when Kai says `Destroy!' all the time, I know where it comes from. He loves, loves, loves it (because the autobots save the day) but I have mentioned to him that we might need to wait until he's six to watch it. Thoughts? Sounds dorky but should I ask Gary to debrief with him after each show? To the guys: how old were you when you started watching shows like that?

Time to get to work here. Have a great day!!
Love, Louise


  1. kids performances are so entertaining and fun. :)
    time off from working out is always hard on the first few days back. but like i try to remind myself, better back now and sucking at it, than not back at all!

    transformers: i'm not at this stage (E loves the real 'kid' shows still), but i do like the idea of waiting until he's 6. there's going to be plenty of violent things on his radar growing up, might as well hold some of it off for now? just my opinion. but making him stop watching it could be a challenge too, so the debriefing idea's a good one too!

  2. awesome photos! We looked into the winter tires, too, and were massively underfunded for that particular safety mechanism....
    Next year maybe? Of course next year it won't snow. Lol.

    I don't think K is too young for transformers, though you're the mom! You know best. If it's interspersed with slower moving shows and he watches with a parent, it's okay.

  3. Max is six, and I'm kicking myself for even buying the cheap little Transformers with their recent Happy Meals. I'm just not there. He doesn't watch anything like that on tv or dvd. We didn't have tv or anything like that growing up so it's very hard for me to go along with PZ who says to let them live a little. It's a toughie.

  4. I also don't think there was so much violence among kids when we were growing up, so for them (our men) it was maybe easier to separate reality from fiction. I just don't want to go there for a very long time with my boys.

  5. Finn hasn't discovered the TV show transformers yet, but he and Mike watched the movie trailer on youtube roughly a hundred times last year. Mike is more lenient about TV violence than I am too. That said, My brother and I watched Transformers and He Man on TV at fairly young ages and turned out fine. If it's just one show and a special time with daddy than it's a hard call - if he was watching shows all day long that would be different.

    You're basement looks great!

  6. Ah yes, the TV question.

    I don't have kids yet; but I can tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed those kind of TV shows when I was a young lad.

    My favourites back then:
    3) He-Man
    2) Transformers
    1) GI Joe

    I guess little Kaiser is getting to an age where he will start enjoying different, more grown-up shows. For what it's worth, I don't have a problem with them (unless there is a problem).