Friday, December 10, 2010

What It Would've Been Like...

My mom would've had her 58th birthday and I'm pretty sure I can picture what it would be like. We would all meet for dinner at mom and dad's house and gather around the large table. That was where we spent a lot of time. Family meals every day. Tea times every night. So dorky, but when you have 5 girls, if you all sit together and have tea and ONE cookie, you'll share about your life. (How do I have no pictures of tea time? And I emphasize one cookie because Gary can't believe we were only allowed one cookie per day:)
(I'm the one with the white tank top and cool plaid shirt around my waist)
We would've each brought a dish and mom would be so proud of our cooking and baking abilities. And probably just laugh with Jan about whatever she brought:) She would compliment our cooking by saying something to each of us throughout the night.
(I'm the one in the Esprit a stage when I accidentally cut myself some bangs)

The kids would run to oma for a hug and my mom would have the biggest smile on her face. They would probably all tell oma what they had been up to and Ani and Izzy would give her some princess colouring pages and Kai would give her a transformer one. Mom would joke about how Sami had such a mischievous smile, just like her momma. Then, they would find their seats around the kiddie table (and they'd likely all have `their cups' as we always had designated cups:).
(I had been dating a guy who was chinese for a while so I made my family some chinese food to work on our chopstick skills:) I'm on the far right..our designated cups went darkest to lightest for oldest to youngest).
After dinner we would have a homemade birthday cake (always!!) and mom would open her cards and presents. No idea what we would've bought her but she did like shopping and could never figure out what to buy, so maybe we would buy her clothes or plan on a trip of going to get something.

At the end of the night, after we all went home, mom would probably call her mom and brother and share about what a great night she had with us:)

Miss you mom. You were a super awesome mom and I'm so thankful that you were mine.


  1. So nice that you have wonderful memories of your mom, even though you'd rather still have her with you. I can not imagine what your household was like with 5 girls!!

  2. great memories with your mom growing up. i love how you set the scene for what it would have looked like today :)
    ps. i like the specific color cups...we had that in our house too :)

  3. thanks for sharing this, louise. the pictures are fun to see.

    i had to laugh when you wrote about coloured cups... the four youngest in my family always had their own, not so much with us older ones though.

  4. Anonymous2:44 PM

    Thanks for sharing Louise. You mom was a special mom for sure. I laughed about the cups as we do colored cups with our kids too:)

  5. Cath T4:44 PM

    What a beautiful post. You are so blessed with your family! Thinking of you today!

  6. Aw, what a great post. Your mom sounds like she was such a special person. The pics of you guys in the kitchen together over the years are priceless.

  7. Louise, you honour the memory of your mom so beautifully.

  8. Bittersweet. Happy you have such great memories, sad that you can't include such a special mom in more. Lovely post though. T