Monday, December 06, 2010


{Sami came over today so there are some pictures of my super, duper, adorable 8 month old niece in this post.}

So, I am most definitely an emotional person. This week I'm feeling a little extra emotional because it would've been my mom's 58th birthday on Friday. That's still not that old considering she's been gone for 4.5 years. I'll probably have more of a post later this week but ya, she was in incredible shape and took excellent care of herself. It just really shows that anything can happen to anyone, at anytime. That's one of the reasons I blog so much about my boys. Well, let's be honest, I'm a journalizer (is that the word?). I wrote in my journal every day from grade 7 until I got married. Then I just talked to Gary every night. However, if anything happened, hopefully my boys would have a lot of the details of their childhood recorded and they would know how much their momma loved them.

I think when you experience any loss, it just makes you appreciate those you do have a bit more. I love Gary and the boys so much. I look at my boys each day and get teary eyed. They are so incredibly amazing and I just can't believe that they are ours! How do I have a 4 year old son? How do I have two incredible boys?
Lately I just look at them in disbelief. Kai, who has grown up in so many ways these past few months. He looks huge to me. He has such a great imagination, a huge desire to learn more and more (he loves learning about artists lives and styles, and is also really into rhyming), and a great understanding of complex ideas. He demonstrates some great empathy (Poor daddy, he must be so cold getting gas right now!) and a great love for his brother.
Koen is just adorable. He talks non stop all day and is growing up so quickly!!! He is my monkey...he broke an ornament today (after being up for 20 minutes) and his face is currently covered in grease. But man, is he ever cheap entertainment. So many squishy hugs and kisses.
The boys are at an age where we can go out for dinner together and enjoy our time. This is an incredible stage and I am LOVING it. I may have even looked into tickets for Hawaii for over spring break:) I don't think we will go, we will just continue to save that `extra' money for when the boys are older. I cannot wait to go to Kenya and just travel North America with them. Good times for the Chapmans!
{Koen is so infatuated with Sami!}
I'm pretty sure we made a choice about Kai's schooling next year. I should've been more clear about one thing; it wasn't public school vs. Christian school (although I had it set up that way). It was comparing two particular schools, one being a Christian one. I will post on our decision later but I do want to thank you for your input and suggestions. I respect all of you so I feel a bit like I'm disrespecting some people's opinions by not following your suggestion:) Our decision is not final because Gary still needs to `think about it' a bit more...if you don't know him, Gary really, really, really takes his time:)

Okay, time to work but I hope you had an excellent weekend. I have my weigh in tonight and I'm just hoping that the scale shows I haven't gained any weight this week. I don't care if I lost anything, I just want to maintain this week. The holiday baking is the hugest test of willpower ever!!!

Love, Louise


  1. It is wonderful that you are enjoying your boys so much - it is great that they get along so well together. My oldest found his little brother to be a bit of a nuisance until they were both quite a bit older!

    Your mother was definitely very young. She died at the age I am right now. You must miss her so much, especially being a girl and being so close to her.

  2. Sami is the cutest little girl ever! No wonder Koen loves her so much

  3. I like blogging for the same reasons...and because i would forget things if I didn't...and I type faster than I write :)
    i plan on making books out of the kids' blog newsletters for the first five years, including pictures, so they can get those as a gift.
    Sami sure is cute!!! So are your boys. my goodness.
    i look forward to reading about which choice you're making for school :)
    I can only imagine the longing to have your mom be here to experience life with you and turn to her for advice and help, etc. just not fair - she WAS young!