Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Donkey and My Assistant Coach

Yesterday was Kai's Christmas Party at preschool Gramma and Grandpa (Gary's parents) came to watch.
Kai was the donkey. He actually did have a line (they all did) and he did a good job:)

The picture below is funny, they are singing `Feliz Navidad' and they are at the `...from the bottom of my heart' part, but it looks like they are all choking.
Then I quickly went to watch a bit of Gary's bball game. It's the annual Christmas Bowl against another Christian school. It was great for Koen to see a bit of what daddy does!
The next pictures are just cute because Koen is acting as the assistant coach. He loved it! Drinking from the water bottle, holding the clipboard, and giving out high fives.

They lost in double overtime, good game though!

Well, off to a wedding! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
Love, Louise


  1. great pictures. i'm impressed with what they do at Kai's preschool - not just singing, but lines too! :)
    cute Koen as the Asst coach :)

  2. The photo with Koen and the clipboard is sooooooooooooo cute!

  3. that is one cute assistant coach! love it :)

  4. The "choking" picture made me laugh! Great photos of the basketball game and the cute little assistant coach.